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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Alexander, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. DaCoiT

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    Appreciate the work Team.. Looking forward to it.:emoji_fingers_crossed::emoji_fist:
  2. Taddeo

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    195 days and counting
  3. Buzz Lightyear

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    Yes, it really is rather an eye sore.
  4. SMK

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    Love you nofap Team.
    I Want to donate for your site but bcoz I am just a student I Can't.
    No matter! I'll definitely get on my feet in the coming 2 years & the day I own my Income I would try my best to upgrade this site financially.

    Thanks for all this help.
    U r just Awesome Man!
  5. NuckChorris

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  6. Making image size smaller is on the to-do list.

    We will work to further improve graphic assets in the future. For now, we are thrilled that the technology aspects of it are working nearly perfectly, mostly without bugs. As for feature suggestions, we are monitoring the thread for feedback and will consider more features in the future.
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  7. ILoathePwife

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    I don't know if my feedback will fit for many other people, but since my husband tracks all Os, even Os with me, his counter is now set looking like he PMOed three days ago. But he Oed three days ago with me, he hasn't MOed since early May, when he joined NoFap, and he hasn't looked at porn since way before that.

    For couples using karezza, sex without O, is there a way to add another option--X days without O?

    I suppose the answer is that @ILoathePorn could just put his last MO date in there and track his Os with me another way. I'll talk to him about that. As a wife it bothers me to see his counter say 3 days without PMO when that's not the case.
  8. Took note of this. Separate counters would seem to solve this along with more options. This is something that would take significant engineering time. But keep in mind that this release is the "get something useful out as quickly as possible" solution since 3rd party day counters have been offline for so long, and it is very likely, almost 100%, that we'll enhance the features regularly into the future.

    I have been working hard on a separate, more sophisticated app that will be available this year.
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  9. Yazz26

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    Thanks this perfect for me! it will help me to stay motivated more easily.
  10. tiberiansun

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    I applaud that this is now integrated into NoFap forum.


    (1) Native to NoFap Forum
    I never used the google ones, as there's no way I'm going to use my google email to log into a counter

    (1) too big & gaudy
    Why re-invent the wheel from an appearance perspective? The google counters are perfect size and discreetness, not being in-your-face.
    There's no need for a NoFap logo graphic at all, unless you make the graphic change as a function of the days.
    This should be no more than 50 pixels high.

    (2) Multiple counters
    For many, and myself included, multiple counters are a necessary part of my tracking.

    (3) Terminology issue on the slider/selector
    "Days since PMO" not not the same as "Days since Porn, Masturbation or Orgasm". The latter is actually called "Hard Mode". PMO refers specifically to the act of "masturbating to orgasm whilst looking at porn".

    (4) Custom abstinence type
    The google one currently lets you specify anything. I want to be able to specify "time since seeking P or Psubs".
  11. ILoathePwife

    ILoathePwife Fapstronaut

    It's definitely greatly appreciated!
  12. modetorres

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    I'm in i'll do this again
  13. Tux

    Tux Fapstronaut

    I found this a little confusing. The UI should indicate clearly that this is the date your current streak began.
  14. Chas1950

    Chas1950 Fapstronaut

    Thank you for the new, in-house tracker, much appreciated.

    On the slider options, I'm curious to know why the slider option "porn and masturbation and sex" shows up as "without PMO". The two statements don't appear to match. It would make more sense to rename the slider right-hand option "porn and masturbation and orgasm", or add a fourth option about sex.
  15. BoatOnaRoughRiver

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    I've been waiting for this honestly. I'm new to the forums by the way :)
    Thank you so much! Although personally I've noticed that contemplating on my progress can sometimes lead me to relapse...
    Also this post is a way to test my own tracker ;)
  16. bonbonboi

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    What's the difference between each of these terms Porn and Masturbation and Sex? :rolleyes:
  17. Buzz Lightyear

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    Thanks Alex. I will shut up about that now.:)
  18. kropo82

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    Signatures are only allowed one link now, and there's one in the badge (which I do not think I can remove). Thus I cannot include a link to my journal in my signature. That seems broken. Perhaps up the number of links allowed in one's signature to two, or do not count the one in the nofap badge?
  19. Grekle

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    Error: Invalid Time

    Not sure why.

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