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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Alexander, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. NeverGoFullRelapse

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  2. The new design looks great! Works great on my phone too.
  3. Dizzy Lotus

    Dizzy Lotus Fapstronaut

    Hey, old posts posted with the old default font have the new default font now too... that's kind of bad, I think.
  4. Eric Forman

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    It's much better like this! One way you could improve this even more is more smileys so I can give a thumbs up for this great design. ;)
  5. JustADude

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    The page seems to work better on my phone (loads faster too I think). I like the improvements.

    Some of the color changes rubbed me the wrong way initially. But, I'm on day 2 of using the new interface and they have already grown on me. I tend to emotionally reject changes to the familiar at first, and I think liking the changes after only 1 day is a huge success on ya'lls part.

    I do think (and I thought this with the previous layout too), that the forum feels 'busy' (there is a lot going on). But... you have lots of features in the forums, and with lots of features comes lots of buttons to click. Maybe larger margins separating sections would help... or maybe, less popular buttons could move down to the footer (although I myself can't find any objects that can be moved or removed).
  6. JonnyK

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    Love it, looks beautious
  7. dayw4lk3r

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    I was surprised with new design, because I am new to this site (signed up yesterday while the old design was still in use :). Personally, I like it because it looks similar to win10 UI :)
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  8. Martijn

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    As a graphic designer I think you've done a really good job! I think it looks absolutely clean, like the site itself is on a nofap streak haha.
  9. ChronicTeen

    ChronicTeen Fapstronaut

    I appreciate the effort of course, and the navigating is a bit easier. However I'm not a huge fan on the aesthetic look of the design, it will take some time for me to get used to it.
  10. Much better than the other one:)
  11. KingRecover17

    KingRecover17 Fapstronaut

    The website looks cooler and it looks more modern. I dig it
  12. Karma

    Karma Guest

    I have three comments about the new design.
    • It's fantastic... on my laptop and desktop.
    • It's not so hot on my tablet/phone... the words are crushed to the side. Hard to explain, go on nofap through a phone or tablet and you'll see what I mean. It wasn't like this before the update.
    • All the logos and fonts are in their original size as if they were on a desktop. So they're layout becomes obscured.
  13. Brasileiro

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  14. espiritulibre

    espiritulibre Fapstronaut

    Hello! I just want to say I like the new design of this website very much! Thanks for the opportunity of writing our thoughts here :)
  15. Strugglesaurus

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    What are the "ads" on the side of the page for covenant eyes and the Panic Button app? Are you going to start implementing ads, or are they simply helpful links you wanted to include on the site?

    Thanks :)
  16. Well, Premium isn't currently cutting it for us financially, so we will likely be expanding out some basic advertising at some point. Right now those things that you see are a test for the framework. If we have permanent advertising, we won't do it in the traditional way with ad networks (Google Adsense, etc) because...
    • Even if porn is banned from a network, we can't guarantee they would be trigger-free
    • We don't want ... bad ads on the site.
    We are considering introducing some very specific ads with people that we partner with and screen before posting them. Things for legitimately good products that NoFap can make a commission on. For example, Covenant Eyes, an awesome porn-blocker accountability program that can email your accountability partner if you access a porn site. And we want the ads to feature public-service-announcement stuff here like different groups in the group section, cool articles, our apps, etc.

    For the future, we can see how we can make Premium more enticing for people to subscribe to. Admittedly, it isn't too tempting right now, all you get is a chat feature and flair. And the numbers are showing it, just as many people unsubscribe as subscribe every month, so financially we aren't doing great. The problem is adding "Premium" features would take a lot of time and money, things that we don't have.
  17. Mateus Silva

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    I liked! I think it's easier!
  18. jieseba

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