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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Alexander, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. The site looks really good and easy to navigate. Thumbs up. An essential stop for me each day.
  2. Dizzy Lotus

    Dizzy Lotus Fapstronaut

    With the new update, you can't reset your counters via the iOS app Google Chrome anymore. That's a big pain.
  3. Dizzy Lotus

    Dizzy Lotus Fapstronaut


    After I nearly got into a fight with my mother but ended it well, I did something very stupid: I watched porn before going to bed. After it I really had to go to bed, so I didn't get onto nofap anymore. And well, laying in bed horny... won't end well.
    Again though, I won't let huge regret bring me down. Then I will get into the old cycle again. I feel a lot worse now, but I got to keep going, and get myself back up.
    I'm also going to try getting a porn blocker again, even though I'll have to talk with my mother for it, which will probably be difficult, because she doesn't understand porn addiction.
  4. lyad3618

    lyad3618 Fapstronaut

    Great work Alexander. I like the new format a lot. It is very easy to read and it also provides metrics right below the avatar (# messages and likes), which is nice. Thanks for the effort.
  5. aakkss

    aakkss Fapstronaut

    love the new look <3. One thing I want is, the official monthly NoFap thread should be made sticky. Don't know if anyone have said it earlier. I haven't read the whole thread...
  6. DaAce

    DaAce Fapstronaut

    The site looks awesome, really liking the color scheme & fonts used. The layout too is impressive. One suggestion would be to put in the "login/signup" links on top of the site b'coz currently when you enter nofap's home page you need to go to forums to login.

    Its just a suggestion I'm not sure if you left it out intentionally though. I found it a bit difficult when I was new to find the login.. otherwise I'm really happy to be part of this awesome site, great work :)
  7. slowhands

    slowhands Fapstronaut

    Everything is wonderful! Thank you Alexander! and I must admit that it also works good on my mobile!
    Thank you again, man!
  8. BBX555

    BBX555 Fapstronaut

    The site looks much better. Thanks for your hard work. However the top forum's designation is a bit off putting: "Sexual Health" sounds a bit odd and some 1970's title book. How about "Recovery, or Rebuilding, Freedom, Restoration, etc?". Just a thought.
  9. numpty

    numpty Fapstronaut

    Many thanks for the update.

    Nice tidy job . Lots of clarity now and easy to read

  10. Musta

    Musta Fapstronaut

    I love it. The only thing is that counters still don't show up in mobile website version. I can't use desktop version on my phone either...
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  11. mikeyd

    mikeyd Fapstronaut

    looks fantastic, great job!
  12. Mike98

    Mike98 Fapstronaut

  13. rabbitz

    rabbitz Guest

    thanks for upgrade we really appreciate it!
    I however have an issue, first the Site looks good but my problem is that I cant edit my signature nor can I post the link to my new tracker in my journal, is that a permanent thing or is a glitch or am I missing some reqs for it? (maybe I a missing a like :))?

    Thanks again for the upgrade I love this community and can't thank you enough for it!, with that said how do we donate? (sorry I am clumsy I don't know how to get around the new forums!)
  14. I'll definitely look into adjusting the settings for the anti-spammer plugin that's limiting your ability to post links. Obviously we don't want it to be significant hindering legitimate users, we just needed to install some stuff because of how many spammers we've had recently.

    It is definitely temporary, your restrictions will be lifted as you participate more. Regarding financial support for NoFap, we have Premium at 10$ / month or one-time payments.
  15. Looking into this.
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  16. Dizzy Lotus

    Dizzy Lotus Fapstronaut

    The page doesn't recognise me being logged into my Google account, I think.
  17. swiElliot

    swiElliot Fapstronaut

    The website looks fantastic!
    Awesome work, it really paid off.
  18. galaxim

    galaxim Fapstronaut

    Congratulations for the excellent site renewal. Not only it's better looking, but much more simpler to use. I think that's specially important for the newcomers.
  19. Perkipent

    Perkipent Fapstronaut

    Like the modern forums so far. I did just spot one issue, though.

    Near the top-right where it has "[Username] Inbox Alerts", when I click on my username I get a very nice menu of account related stuff. One item reads "two_step_verification". This looks like a string without an entry in the translation file. Clicking on this link leads me to a 404 error.

    I'd love to see two-step verification if you can implement it. Otherwise, it should probably be removed from the menu, so nerds like me don't get excited about enhanced security for nothing.
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  20. Jirka

    Jirka Fapstronaut

    Two suggestion about improving this website:
    (1) Sometimes I still find it difficult to write a longer posting through my phone. When the text gets longer, I can't easily scroll back and forward.
    (2) This just happened to me today. I was writing a journal entry, and when I finish it and click "Post Reply", I get a message "You must be login to do that". It was because I got automatically logged out during my writing because I took a long break in the middle of my writing. And after I logged in I was directed to the forum home page and my text disappeared! It would be really nice if the writing draft got saved somewhere in the case I get automatically logged out so that I don't need to write it all over again...
    Overall, thanks for your work keeping this website going, in times of depression I still rely on you!

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