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Ready to Change Your Life?

  1. Yes, I am joining

  2. I am going to masturbate now =((

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  1. rsdgodzilla

    rsdgodzilla New Fapstronaut

    Hey, I am looking for 4 more peoeple that are determined to change theyr lives for the better

    If you want to Quit masturbation forever send me the world "Change" in the DM at RSDGodzilla#1811 (discord) and I am going to invite you in the group so that we can change our lives.


    We are going to do a group buy for a subliminal that stops you from masturbating.

    THIS IS NOT FOR YOU IF you are going to use the subliminal and then watch porn 5 times everyday, it is not magic, it's not that powerful.

    What you need to obtain the subliminal: Discord account and 5$

    The first 4 people to join are the ones that will see the product, no one else
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