Annoying Actors you can’t stop watching

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  1. Use this format for consistency sake:

    ACTOR:Ben Mckenzie

    SERIES/Film: Gotham series

    WHY : He makes the same stupid annoying eyebrow furl, high brow frown thing, then bares his teeth in a canine-menacing way.

    Dude. One-trick pony. But I can’t stop watching the damn series. Love it. And it grew on me.
  2. bluemax4

    bluemax4 Fapstronaut

    I like most of Tom Cruises movies. I don't personally find him that annoying, but I know a lot of people do.
  3. TheProwler

    TheProwler Fapstronaut

    Yeah, after a while you can see how limited many actors are.

    Now I actually like him - Robert Downey Jr - but watching the latest Avengers movie I recognised many of his tics.

    I don't find him annoying, I just wanted to be part of the thread...
  4. Cprelude

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    If I found an actor particularly annoying I wouldn't want to watch his films
  5. Unless....the series was gripping. It’s this damned cognitive dissonance , suspension of judgment effect.

    I had that happen with the transformer series — I somehow kept coming back to my own chagrin.
  6. TheProwler

    TheProwler Fapstronaut

    I mean:

    Tom Cruise's shit eating grin.
    Kevin Hart's mugging
    Eddie Murphy's motor mouth schtick.
    Nicolas Cage's...I don't know schtick.
    Owen Wilson's thing.
    Keanu Reeves wooden expression & oft subdued delivery.
    Hell, Jeff Goldblum.

    They all got something and I don't mind any of these guys.

    I don't want to be that guy, but much entertainment these days is facile b.s.

    Update: All entertainment has it's formulaic elements, cinema especially. John Wayne, Katharine Hepburn, Audie Murphy (who I like,) hell Cary Grant did his thing.
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  7. Actor: Ben caruso’s sunglasses.
    Series: CSI Miami.
    Why: He is like a ex-girlfriend, showing up at the oddest times.

  8. Ugh, I can't stand him. I don't understand why anyone thinks he's an above-average actor.
  9. The main girl in The Legends of Tomorrow, who plays Sarah/Black Canary annoyed me for a while. She still gets on my husband's nerves. He thinks her mouth is weird and that she's super ugly. Her mouth used to bug me, but I've gotten used to it now and now I think she's really pretty, actually.
  10. OMG yessss!!! I can’t stand her!!!

    Thank you for saying that...
  11. Lol yeah, I'm kind of used to her, but man it was distracting for a while.
  12. Get_It

    Get_It Fapstronaut

    Jennifer Lawrence. She's annoying, but I can't stop watchibg her.
  13. Actress: Morgan Saylor
    Series : homeland 1-3

    You reminded me of the daughter of the bomber from homeland. I seriously wanted to slash my eyeballs watching her grimace with that entitled “meh” look at every episode.
    The spoiled role she played was done so well I genuinely cannot distinguish her from her role.

    I found out there was a movement to kill her off the show. When they cast her slashing her wrists in the bathroom in season 2 I didn’t feel bad at all.
  14. Have you seen her in the Netflix series “taken”? Maybe she’s my type but gosh I love that pantsuit wearing, badass, no-hostage taking, cold-blooded thinking, sailor swearing role she has.

    I can’t stop watching her in that one.
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  15. KS1994

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    Ethan Hawke

    Okay actor but the worlds shittest facial hair.
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  17. Infrasapiens

    Infrasapiens Fapstronaut

    Adam Sandler.
    I don't like him.
    I don't watch his movies anymore.
  18. Ugh, yessss. I don't understand why anyone finds him funny. I absolutely never find him funny.
  19. bken

    bken Fapstronaut

    Actor: Rowan Atkinson

    Film: Mr. Bean

    Why: There's just something really annoying about him, possibly the silent treatment and his often grotesque demeanour in the film, but too funny at the same time
  20. I love Tom Cruise and i ain't afraid to say it, and i hear a lot of people say he can't act, but to me that is crazy. He plays a lot of si ilar characters i admit, but that doesnt mean he cant act. (By the way, that wasnt directed at you lol, i was just ranting)

    I dont mind him in the right role, especially as John Wick, but i would never call him a good actor lol

    She bugs me because she reminds me of my aunt, but otherwise, i think shes a great the way, shes a lot prettier than my aunt, there are just too many similarities

    Lol :p

    As far as the initial question goes, i dont reallg have an answer. The closest thing is Bill Paxton, i couldnt stand that guy for years, but he kept popping up in movies i liked, so over time he grew on me to the point where i got excited if he was in movie. The sad part is, he died a little while after i finally started liking him :(
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