another 7 days to go

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    Damn, 7 days feels like 7 years. i have had so many urges to relapse especially the last 2 days and the only thing keeping sane is nofap and my feeling of success to have reached 7 days. it has been a lot but im becoming more motivated to finish another 7 days and another after that and another, until i dont think about PMO no more. Guys you've really helped me through these 7 days and thanks for that. i'm trying to get 2 weeks and i can tell you that im scared and motivated at the same time but i believe i have the strength to reach another 7 days. i am determined to stop pmo-ing.
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    Becareful my friend. Most of the guys made biggest streaks and then thought they were free from porn but at the end they were relapsed. Note that When your streak days are going to increase then slowly you are going to get the sensitivity (it's good) Finally, you will reach at a peek stage where one kissing scene in movie is also enough to break the streak return to the porn.If you are able to handle this stage then I can say that you are 99% free from triggers and porn. But still 1% you need to take precautions.

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