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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by IHateJackingOff, Sep 8, 2019.

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    Imagine my shock
    for real though I miss having someone to play with in bed and to be honest it didn't happen frequently AT ALL, I had sex less than 10 times in my life
    but the adventure with jacking off began like 8 years ago, I don't want the situation to turn out into me jacking off the majority of my life
    all my gfs were for a short period and it sucked but well

    Complaining alone sucks so I need help on the nofap challenge
    I don't mean that any of you should come here and prevent my dick from moving
    I need some advice so all the altruists here listen up

    How to stop the erections?
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    There's only one thing you can do to stop that
    Chop your dick off
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  3. IHateJackingOff

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    Hey man,

    The erections aren't bad, be glad you have them. The reason why most of us do NoFap is because we see the pornography and cheap dopamine shots that comes with it as damaging.

    Go develop yourself, train your body, be happy man. Do something you love and become succesful. Now I am no experts in getting girls, but if that's your goal. Go for it.

    Just make sure you use NoFap as an uplifting source. Not a thing to bash yourself.

    Go all the way buddy, life's tiring enough as it is.
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  5. Erections are in no way bad to have, if anything that's actually a very good sign for you because although you may be addicted to porn, you aren't as "deep" into it, otherwise those erections wouldn't happen properly.

    As Dimmed has said, start focusing on yourself, start eating healthy and becoming physically fit. Pursue excellence and excellence will pursue you.
    Excellence is what I call striving to be the best version of yourself every day while also being humble and kind to people around you.

    If you're doing it for girls, please be sure that there's an actual proper "reason" as to why you're doing NoFap. I mean sure, attracting other people is a good thing and lifts your self-esteem but if you're only solely doing it to get women only then you're going to fail miserably because it's not a motive that comes from within you, external motivation never lasts long.
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    Thanks for the advice to both of you. There's a lot of truth in the motivation part. Had a terrible headache during the second half of yesterday, but didn't watch porn. Had an urge to just look at it, but didn't type in any of these "hubs" or "videos" lol - eventhough I couldn't sleep (I was laying in bed for about 3 to 4 hours until I fell asleep), maybe because of the energy, maybe because of some thoughts 'bout certain women I've met recently; nevermind. Day 4 begins and so shall my path to glory continue.

    The girl part is true - I need to go and get myself some real motivation, not just some will to "boost my stats". Maybe it's just a challenge and a trial of willpower? Maybe it's a test to see if I can really manage to uphold true hard work and perseverance?
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