Another failed attempt today

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Deleted Account, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. I went out with my friend and approched to 6-7 groups today and nothing.. Somedays we come home with some girls and somedays it just sucks so bad.. It's weird because we actually look nice and we both can't understand why it's happening to us..

    Oh well.. NoFap taught me not to care about rejection so I will go some other day and try again. In fact with every rejection I feel more powerful because I'm getting used to being rejected and I feel like nothing can hurt me anymore.

    The only problem is that I just started to not care about them and that's why I can't keep the conversation going. Because I can't stay interested in the conversation,girls are so stupid and boring.. and now I just simply don't care and that's why I lose them perhaps..

    I wonder what will happen when I reach day 90. Maybe when I reach day 90 I will start winning..

    Well still I feel lucky that I have a sex buddy as well so I can rewire my brain with a girl and keep on trying banging some other girls :)
  2. Success in finding a loving partner, does not begin with finding that "girls are so stupid and boring" and having the aim for "banging some other girls." :)
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  4. I find out when you don't go looking for women,they come to you.

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