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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Eprst, Feb 15, 2019.

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    Hello all, not sure where I rank as far as age, but I feel like an old fart looking over some of the intros. Oh well, better late then never, I guess.

    Broke up with (actually dumped by) a woman several months ago and have been doing a lot of soul searching. Went from blame and anger to shame to acceptance, which has led me here out of all places. Just realizing that I have been dishonest with myself (and others, as a result) and have been avoiding and neglecting myself. I mean, what kind of self-care strategy is jerking off? I does work, it takes my mind off things, but it also brings a lot of shame with it, and I'd like to be able to stop using porn and replace it with something like meditation.

    Interesting tidbit pertaining to sex and shame, and I don't know where it falls into this puzzle, but I remember being young, maybe around 10 and looking over a book of art illustrations; I enjoyed drawing back then, spent a lot of my days doing that, mostly war-related stuff, with burning buildings, tanks, infantry and all that good stuff. Anyway, I used a semitransparent paper to trace a figure of a nude woman and must have left the paper out in the open. Sometime later, my grandmother, who was visiting caused a huge ruckus, yelling and screaming, shaming whoever decided to do such a thing. I just sat where I was, learning that women, sex, nudity was bad, bad, bad. Thanks, grandma, may you rest in peace.

    Oh, I''m 40, by the way.
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    @Eprst welcome to the site my man. you're def not an old fart, i may be a young buck myself (22) but there are plenty plenty plenty of people of all ages. i encourage you to start your own log/journal on your age group's section of the forums where you could talk and interact with fapstronauts your age if you're looking for that. here: regardless, i've found this to be a really welcoming community. the Success Stories section is also great:
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    You ain't a noob mate. You just did some crazy stuff like all of us. Check out Brene Brown's Ted Talk on YouTube on the subject of Shame. Interesting listen.

    Welcome to the forum BTW! I'm sure you'll be successful in your journey! Good luck!
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    Thanks, guys.
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