Another rejection by a girl

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by p1p2, Sep 15, 2021.

  1. p1p2

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    I'm tired of this shit, it's always the same, it's the men who have to go after, I'm tired of no one trying to flirt with me and I'm always the one who has to go out to flirt.

    Really, I'm about to leave...
  2. nfpexperiment

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    Don't give up, try to improve yourself like going to the gym. You got to be realistic sometimes, if you are average, look for average also, date in your league they say, you can try above average but be realistic that you can get rejected. If a girl that is not your type tries to flirt with you how would you feel ? You would not show interest right ? Women are the same I suppose, they also have their preferences.
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  3. Don Peter Clemenza

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    Man it's all BS. Going to the gym won't make you desirable. Nothing Will. Accept that even ugly girls today want the Most handsome man.

    Self improvement doesn't exist. You're born hot or not.

    If you are average looking Just mind your own business. Girls are not for us
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  4. nfpexperiment

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    Gym will make u healthy, feel good about yourself, it relaxes the mind, improve brain function, helps you age less. Also eat healthy diet. This is better than being unhealthy, living an unhealthy lifestyle. Stop watching porn, it sucks the life force out of you. Have also some carreer goals, we do need money to buy house car go on vacation, raise a family. Observe your enviroment , I see lot of average looking couples.Yes everyone wants hot boyfriend or girl friend, but there are not many out there, so sooner or later the average people will realize they should settle for average also.
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  5. p1n1983

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    You are a product in the dating market. At the moment you are trying to sell yourselve to the woman you like but they are not interested in buying you.

    What to do? work on the product, make it more attractive. Do sports, fun stuff, dress better, have a stile, earn more money, hit the gym, get a better hair cut, be more social, more popular, more masculine, less of a nice guy or a pushover. All of that is going to make the product more attractive in females eyes. The more attractive the product, the more woman are going to do to buy it, or in your word, flirt with you.
  6. Reborn16

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    Yes. Improve your offer, not your pitch.

    Can't find the actual video, but ************ - YouTube covered this well.
  7. depeche69

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    Maybe this two points will help you:

    - try to see around all the women in your environment. You will notice there are a lot of single women, which are not at your radar because there are not beautiful enough for you.

    - time will change the game. Young women are desired and hard to get, but the attraction will reduce with age. I'm 35 and i see more and more women at my age becoming desperate, because they struggle to find a partner. They lost the beauty of their youth, start to look like mothers, have already children and so on...
  8. A Naija boy

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    This sounds sad but totally relatable
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  9. That's black pilled bullshit. Self improvement is for you and you alone. That it attracts people to you after you cross a certain threshold is a byproduct. You should get after your goals even if no one ever takes any interest in you as a result.
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  10. Akbarmagnus

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  11. BetterMeandI

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    You do self improvement for you, you have to be happy about yourself. If you are thinking that you are not good enough because you weren't born Cristiano Ronaldo, then women won't see you as good enough too. But if you are happy with yourself, and women still reject you... who tf cares, you are happy being you, and THATS the goal my friend. Be the best you, so you can be proud of yourself. There is no better feeling then the feeling improving yourself.
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  12. steezytheneezy

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    My advice is you got to work on you outer game, inner game, and text game to become the complete package. To get better you have to learn from someone who is good at dating and flirting with girls. It doesn't matter if you're hot or not right now. You can learn to become successful with women. These are best people I have found.

    Outer game is the techniques you use to approach women I really like Coach Kyle. He has a alot of free stuff on youtube and has his own program as well.

    Inner game is your personal development, inner beliefs, core values, and life goals. For this I suggest Eric Vons Sydow aka Hypnotica. He has a program called The Hypnotalks, which you listen to meditations to help you brain learn core values that help you approaching and interacting with women.

    Text game is crucial because that's the bridge in between interacting with a girl in person and getting her on a date. I really like Alex's youtube channel. He has so much free content on how to properly text. He has tips on how to set up a online profile, online date, text, and much more. He also has his own website and facebook group that really go into detail. .

    I would start out by working on one of these 3 things and go from there. Hope this helps.
  13. rebootingtome

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    I've known a lot of guys who are average to ugly and wind up with beautiful women.

    It's not all about looks.

    It is true that a lot of women are very superficial, even ones who don't meet their own standards. It's not fair, it's frustrating, and it's a pain. But nihilism is not the answer.
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  14. Branchman

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    Are you a real man?
    At the beginning it sucks when you're rejected, but as one smart psychologist wrote (Daniel Aaron Mendoza Márquez) "succesfull men are people who knows how to mange their failures". I know rejection doesn't feels good, because you know you're valuable.

    My advice will be, rest, recover or regain force until you feel strong enough to face another rejection, and then try it again, and if you're rejected repeat it, and repeat it and repeat it. You will never achieve nothing if you do nothing. Succes comes with persistent and effective (smart) efforts. What I mean with effective is making something that will bring you the expected results ("foolnes is making the same things expecting different results" - Albert Einsten). That's what a real man does, fights for it what is worth to fight for. If you're interested in a woman, go and be a brave man and conquer her. If she absolutelly rejects you, you'll still remain as an honorable man.

    And believe me, if you keep trying smartly, you'll succes.
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