another way to see one's time

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    i just made a simple calculation...

    if one wanted to divide their daily time in ten "10% portions", then the portions, they would last 1:36', but if they divided them into one hundred "1% portions", then they would last 9'36".

    if we round it up for the sake of practicality that's :
    • 10 minutes for ~1% (amount : 96 portions)
    • 1 1/2 hours for ~10% (amount : 10 + 1 "1hour" portion)
    so these are the magnitudes of how much time represents in you day in the common percentage reference.

    now here is the experiment, it's JUST a theory, if you want to try it out, and let me know long term results in the future !
    something that takes 10% or more of your day, that would be significant, because (from my experience) if you commit to it daily you would se benefits in weeks/months (which is a relatively short amount of time).
    whereas what would happen if you did something for 10' daily ? when one would be able to see benefits ?

    have a nice day.

    PS i DON'T use sleep time, so that's 1% and 10% from awake time which is approximatively 16 hours days.