Anti-fascist 28 y.o. male with polished nails looking for AP

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by roofs, Dec 11, 2020.

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    I know the title is a little weird. But I think an AP is someone who you want to trust to some degree and also feel understood and maybe have at least the same basic views on some topics. I'll list some things below that I feel define my viewing of the world around me, the people in it and lastly also my own sexuality and this journey on NoFap. I don't want you to be on the same page on all these, but I'd be super happy if some of it resonated with you and you'd drop me a message :)

    Cheers to all of you

    • Atheist.
    • Will never tolerate fascism, racism, LGBTQ+ phobia, other hate towards people just for being who they are.
    • I'm a white straight cis male in IT (yes I love coffee) and I know I'm ridiculously privileged.
    • Man who cries occasionally and is proud of that. I reject gender stereotypes.
    • Love music. Everything would suck without it.
    • I'll always speak my mind but always in a respectful way. I love discussions and learning from others.
    • NoFap because I want to get away from porn. It's an addiction for me and I want my sexuality to be free and a beautiful thing to share, unshaped by industries and dehumanized beauty standards.
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    I found your points resonate and cudos for being so direct with your values.

    I'll message you with more information on me : )
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    Hey man! I’ve also painted my nails lol. Not recently tho because I just don’t really like the way it looks on me personally. I am traditionally masculine looking (lift weights, etc.) however also believe that gender norms are a load of BS. I’m bi, so obviously also support lgbtq+. I’d love to be your ap, man, I’m quitting for similar reasons. The stakes are high for me rn because I want to quit for my girlfriend (and me as well) because it brings me some shame and is causing tension in my relationship. I’ll msg u my contact info :)
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    I’m not really the type of person you are looking for, but I just want to say, well done! That is a vary honest way to approach the world. Good luck
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    Maybe interesting for whoever stumbles across this thread, @20202021 and I have been in contact every day for some time now and this has been nothing short of amazing to be honest. This isn't my first approach on NoFap, but this accountability partnership is giving me a lot. Thank you @20202021 .

    Sounds great @bigchungushatesporn , I replied to your message, looking forward to getting to know about your motivations but also your difficulties. Let's do this :)

    @bob200 thank you for this super kind reply. Wish you the best of luck, too!

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