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  1. Hey, take a look at this article in The New Statesmen about "No Nut November".

    Feminist author seeks to discredit NoFap by associating it with misogyny and the Alt-Right. Rejects the NoFap science. Calls this movement "insidious".

    You knew this was coming. Are there misogynists and Alt-Righters on NoFap? Of course there are. Does that disqualify them from trying to recover from porn addiction? Of course not. Do they represent NoFap as a whole? Of course not.

    What a sham article by a sham writer
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    Yeah I don't wanna get on here and get political but I have seen a whole bunch of this crap lately and it's really disgusting how these types of people act towards this issue and others.

    htt ps://
    Like this guy. Again, not gonna go off the deep end, but you ever think that maybe, just maybe it's got more to do with people being mistreated and constantly told that they're ugly incel nazis that aren't good enough to be a part of society? It makes a lot more sense than un-ironically thinking "people who commit school shootings just didn't watch enough porn!"

    Edit: its not gonna let me post an image cause I havent been here long enough so I left a space in the link
  3. Wow, that link you posted, says a lot, doesn't it. Porn as way to pacify, to control. Hopefully the stakes are clear
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  4. It's never good enough to improve you must improve in an approved and acceptable way. The issue is never the issue the issue is always revolution. Every writer is a propagandist, myself included. Those were my three thoughts reading that article. Your comments say it all.
  5. I thought looking at porn made a guy misogynistic. Now they say not looking at porn makes a guy misogynistic. You're misogynistic no matter what. LOL what a joke. I guess we could just laugh at it because it's so absurd, can't make this stuff up

    Congratulations on your 30 days! :)
  6. Thanks. Im sure the billions of daily porn users are producing such well adjusted men. I dread the thought that maybe the 500,000 NoFappers in an online forum will bring a return to extreme misogyny.
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    Thanks for bringing this article to attention. I like to think that everyone has their own perceptions (feelings?) of PMO, but it's harmful generalizing of everyone who participates in NoFap to think we are of some plot to demean anyone. I know that I'm only trying to better myself, if not for myself then for the people around me that I respect and love.
  8. Yep me too!
  9. outlander.9

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    Make no mistake, people who think this way are by and large the same ones that think that sex changes for small children are a good idea and that pedophilia is an "orientation".

    And the shit that blows my mind is that they'll champion feminism and a bunch of other you-go-grrl bullshit while...wholeheartedly supporting the porn industry? Can't think of a bigger sham. It's a business that's widely known to be full of rapists and abusers constantly blurring lines of consent that the law can't touch because of papers being signed, and generally just chews up young women in their prime and spits them out, but not before immortalizing them forever as being desperate whores.

    What started out as a sideline for mobsters and prostitutes is now multi-national and multi-billion dollar. As it gets bigger and bigger in our society, it'll only get worse...
  10. There you have it. The writer has decided that we stand in the way of progress. Sigh.
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    Broad generalization too. Theres a lot of different people here for different reasons.

    I mean, I'm honestly doing this because I've experienced dysfunction due to porn. I liked porn just fine, but it's in my way now. I really just wanna get back to having great sex and doing kinky shit with women I'm probably not gonna marry.

    But were all "deeply traditional and puritanical". Lol ok
  12. I confess I didn’t make it through the whole article.

    I know what I’m here for: I want to stop being a selfish sex obsessed misogynistic asshole. I think most are here for some variation of that if not the exact same thing.

    She’s picking n choosing bits and pieces then pasting together a sculpture that’s to her liking. She’s missing the point by focusing on things that fulfill her pre-conceived game plan.

    I’m seeing lots of stories here of men who want to treat women better. Men who want to do things that are worthwhile. Men who want to be good husbands and fathers. Men that want to grow up. Yes there are a tiny number of men here who aren’t serious. But they don’t stick around long.

    This woman is way off base and headed into left field!
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    Lol. As your resident No-Porn liberal, I have to say some of these sex-positive feminists don't make much sense and we all know most women would disagree with this article. Several thousand men and boys say they're going to try not fapping for a while and see how that goes, and she wants to criticize that choice? It's guilt by association with whatever popular enemies agree. God forbid Mindgeek lose a few dollars of revenue over this.
  14. I think some of these people are so damaged themselves, they don't even know right from wrong any more.. or they pick things that suit their agenda, even when it contradicts other things they believe.. cognitive dissonance.

    This is one of the reasons I began with porn in the first place, growing up in a culture that normalized women degrading themselves and explained it as empowering or liberating. It took me myself to work out this isn't something I want and that it's neither good, or beneficial.. in fact, it's the complete opposite and I want nothing to do with that.
  15. One of the problems is that anti-porn is automatically associated with the right-wing. It's all those right-wing Christians that want to abolish porn, they say. So then they say that ANY criticism of porn makes you a right-wing Christian. They say that you don't have a problem with porn, you have a problem with shame, and then you're projecting that on to everyone else.

    Also, is it fair to say that among porn addicts, there will be a fair number of misogynists, because of what porn does to the brain, to the mind? Might that not be one of the benefits of giving up porn, to also give up that misogyny?
  16. I'm not going to bother reading the article, but I just wanted to say that No Nut November is not part of NoFap.

    They're different things, even if their goals might be similar.
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    That 'screenshot' has too many characters in for a tweet (it's 395 characters, twitter's current limit is 280). I don't want to use a Trumpism, but it really is fake news: Krassenstein never tweeted anything like that.
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    What an awful article, one which is trying to put us all in a convenient little box that they can label as "misogynist". Of course there will always be people who go too far on internet forums and social media, but it doesn't mean they represent everyone that participates in NoFap (and similar sites). I am very much here for my own reasons, it has nothing to do with "misogyny" or "alt-right" and everything do with identifying a problem and wanting to do something about it. You would never see such an article posted about drink, drug or gambling addictions for example where no doubt the writer would be full of gushing support.
  19. Ridley

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    I wanted to quit using porn because I wanted to stop viewing women as sexual objects. Actually, one of the main reasons I stopped watching porn was because I love women, and I couldn't live with myself over the way I used their bodies for my own pleasure through porn. I wouldn't be extreme about it, and I wouldn't say that everyone who watches porn is a misogynist. However, that was my experience with it. Since quitting porn, I feel like I'm less misogynistic now than I've ever been before.

    There's also a deeper problem with this whole discussion, which is the incorrect assumption that this community takes an "anti-porn" stance. I think it's much more accurate to say that this community is for people who struggle with porn. That's not the same as being anti-porn. If someone else wants to watch porn, if someone wants to produce a porn video, if someone wants to be a porn actor, that's their right. I'm not going to ask them to stop. I'm just going to refuse to watch porn because I think my life is better when I don't watch porn. It's not a religious thing. It's not based on outdated Puritan values. It's just a personal choice, and I feel much better about myself now that I'm not watching porn anymore.

    We are not an anti-porn activist group. NoFap doesn't advocate for the banning of porn, nor does NoFap claim that porn is unethical, nor does it claim that people who watch porn are bad people (though these subjects have been discussed and debated on this forum numerous times within this community). NoFap is a supportive community for people who struggle with porn. It's a place of healing.

    That's really what I'd like to say in conclusion: This is a place of healing. Who gives a shit if someone who doesn't understand what this community is really all about wrote a nasty article about us?
  20. Ridley

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    Just actually read the article. That hurt to read it. My god. Is that really considered good journalism?

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