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  1. Hey you obviously don't know that using mean words is LITERALLY the same thing as going on a mass shooting spree ;)

    I like your take on the way guys creep on girls here, you put it PERFECTLY, so funny and sad too :eek:
  2. I think someone needs to say something because if no one does it makes it look like we accept that kind of behaviour. Although it's probably best not use sarcasm when confronting it since I did that once and got a warning for misogyny myself :emoji_grimacing:
  3. Lots of good inputs!

    Ultimately we need to look humbly at our behavior and make the changes to better ourselves without worrying about the opinion of others.

    We can’t let articles like that one get us down or riled up. (I don’t think that’s happening with anyone here but just stating what I think is a proper reaction).

    Also there has been more than one person in this thread that has pointed out that despite the “looniness” of the over all article, which I read half, there are tiny bits of truth that we can learn from. The one bit of truth I took from the article is there are some of us that do cling onto misogynistic attitudes. I certainly was one of them.

    But I’m taking steps to stop having negative, even hateful, attitudes towards women. I’m interacting with women more often with the intent of just friends and am disciplining my mind to stop looking at them as sex objects.
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    Will those same feminists praise
    Destroy Dick December massive jack session
    that some are planning as a reward for abstaining in No Nut November?
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    Thanks for the positive way of looking at this, as an opportunity. I think the worst thing one can do to a woman, is masturbating with thoughts instead of loving them. So why they should be for masturbation when they can partecipate?
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  6. LOL!

    Actually I think those femi-Nazi’s can and will twist anything to become a man bashing session.

    I’m sure they could even turn a story like “Man risks life to save lil’ girl and her puppy” into a misandrists beat down.
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    I've read the article... to be honest im not surprised that this opinion comes from a modern day feminist.
    I appreciate the first 2 waves of feminism, but i feel like the current wave of feminism is just absurd. Note however that even most women (like 90% i've read somewhere) would not describe themselves as feminist nowadays. Of course im totally for equal rights of men and women. I would argue.. who isn't in favor of that in the modern western society?? I mean come on...

    Before i was having the mainstream view that pmo is just normal... i have thought this for years.
    Now i have come to believe that pmo definitely weakens one on many areas. Abstinence and semen retention seems to me very good things for body, mind & spirit. I've learned more and more to follow my own heart and intelligence and not just follow the crowd ! Too much bs in the world !
    Keep going well everyone
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    Man I'm glad I'm not the only one that's noticed it.

    I gotta be honest: It's fucking embarrassing. Probably just another fact of life about this whole thing: not trying to talk shit or anything but I know that a lot of the guys here are really starved and desperate for female attention, especially given the circumstances. That's not abnormal or anything but I really don't think it belongs here of all places. Like I said, really not healthy for dudes in a sexually vulnerable position to be lurking around on women who are also vulnerable.

    To put it in perspective: I myself have never been in recovery for drugs, but I have several good friends around the country who are recovered drug addicts that have been thru treatment. One constant thread in all of their stories is how when the men and women get thru the initial detox phase and start getting sent to meetings together, the sexual tension is outrageous due to everyone being vulnerable and deprived. Everybody is horny and long story short they all have stories about feeling desperate and falling for other desperate people in the moment and having these torrid and awkward hookups, and in the end nobody is really happy. I'm don't wanna totally compare members of this forum to drug addicts but this shit is pretty serious too, and as most of us know this process can take a real toll on mind body and emotion often in the same way a drug addiction can. Given that this whole thing is sexual in nature to begin with, I'd say it's cause for concern.

    I'm sure some guys mean well by it and I'm not saying men and women can't be friends or that everyone needs to be segregated by gender, but I just don't see it being a positive trend overall.
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  9. That was one strange article
    She seems very immature and her article reads like a social media rant
    Sure I’ve read some far right views on NoFap, but this place is a community, it has all political views expressed, I consider myself far left, but I enjoy the variety that’s here, and I enjoy disagreeing with people on here with different views to mine, it helps me see a different perspective
    In the last 27 days streak I’ve experience the following and more
    1. I’ve been crying a lot, one of the themes that comes up a lot is the stark reality of the suffering porn causes women, that on the other side of me pmo’ing or seeing an escort is suffering, we all know that the porn and escort industry doesn’t treat women well
    2. I’ve been re connecting with my wife through the suggestions from people here, I.e. lots of cuddling and kissing with no O, to increase desire and connection
    3. I’ve been romantic as hell!, I’m cooking for my wife all the time and I love it!, I’m also really getting into making out home more homely and love nesty, like putting flowers around and candles etc, having nice music on when she finishes work

    So, errrrr, I’m confused, all this time I thought porn was the problem, turns out it was saving me, and now I’ve become a right wing nazi?

    The part where she takes the side of xhamster is ridiculous, it made me think perhaps her friend ‘ Girl on the Net‘ who’s in the article is being paid by these companies
  10. The other really significant thing I think about a lot, even though some may view as off topic is this
    While the alt-right, militant left, left, right, vegan, carnivore, liberal, etc etc argue over stuff in the west and are pre-occupied
    Over in the Middle East..............
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    Lol. easy for a woman to say, who doesn't lose or loses less of her vitality when she climaxes sexually.
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    I wondered if the journalist who wrote the piece is paid by them, it just seems so odd for her not to speculate why xHamster might say they are being threatened and thus undermine the anti-masturbation movement. But I am pretty sure that Girl on the Net is not.
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    This article is by someone who has not spent much time trying to genuinely understand the subject, they've seen in comparrison 5 minutes of what would be a 2 hour film and then made their mind up and then wrote an article about it. I think her view to relate the NoFap with mysogyny is misguided completely inaccurate, if anything NoFap stands in the way of mysogyny helping men (and women) take a look at their relationship with porn and helping them to realise other goals in life and improve their wellbeing.

    There are over 40 studies that prove the destructive effects of porn, some of them by respectible establishments like Cambridge University and the Max Planck institute in Germany.

    She's chosen a few bad apples that fit her own idea or fear of what NoFap is. It's a bit like how someone would use the shortcomings of an individual to represent their view of a religion as a whole, where it may not be the religion at fault but the individuals use of it and motivations. There will always be extremist sections of any movement who take things too far. Whilst I don't condone anymore the likes of Xhamster, i think the 'threat post' that was posted to them is the wrong way to go about dealing with this global issue, all it does is alienate the good people in the movement who want a better world for our future generations to grow up in, we are fed up of being sold porn, people being mistreated, abused, coerced and all the other problems that go along with this industry, just ask any person who researches human trafficking or the Police departments who convict sex predators about their opinions on how porn shapes society.

    Whilst she might argue about peoples right to watch porn, what about peoples right to not watch it and their right to get help as a result of psychosexual dysfunctions which porn acts as a catalyst and enabler?
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    A residual quandary that the article has left me with, and that's the politics of NoFap. @SuperFurryThing and I were chatting about this article before he posted this tread about it, and one of the things that struck me was the political background of folk here. I don't have any answers about this, I'm still mulling it over (and probably will be forever!)

    I'm a liberal-minded socialist, a pacifist, a feminist, an atheist, … and lots of the folk here are not those things (to say the least). But l agree with @Manchild when he says
    Is that enough? Is it just a matter of admiring our diversity? Or is there something that makes right-wingers more at home here?
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    The last thing that's troubling me from the article is the sense of conspiracy theory that I feel. I am normally dead against conspiracy theories, when I hear one I tend to disengage from debate and assume I am talking to a deluded fool. But there is something really strange here.

    xHamster are quoted in the article and they say they are receiving death threats from the anti-masturbation movement. The threats are like fliers and one's shown in the article. xHamster posted two others in their twitter stream. The two others in their twitter stream do indeed look antisemitic to me.

    In the twitter discussion I had with Girl on the Net she pointed to the responses @NoFap got from a tweet where NoFap explicitly point out that antisemitism is wrong. The responses are vile and Girl on the Net assumed that they were from NoFap's followers. NoFap put the record straight by replying that
    Then there's the image posted earier in this thread by @outlander.9 : It purports to be an tweet from a prominent Democrat editor (at least I assume he's prominent, I'd not heard of him but he has 587K followers on twitter) where he rants that the anti-masturbation movement is fascist and that we need porn to medicate incels. But look closely. There are two things wrong with the tweet
    1. It's 395 characters long (twitter's current limit is 280) and
    2. It's in the wrong font. It's close but the bar in the 'e' in twitter's font is lower down.
    So this is weird. We have
    1. xHamster posting antisemitic death threats they have received which appear to come from the anti-masturbation movement
    2. Antisemitic replies to NoFap posts on twitter
    3. Fake tweets from Democrats railing against the anti-masturbation movement.
    What is going on here? Who is doing these things? Why? It has all the feels of a conspiracy theory.
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  16. DucksInARow

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    Is it not possible that there is a shadow side to those perspectives when they are misappropriated? Is it not possible that 'right wingers' feeling at home might be a good antidote? Is it not possible that there are trolls and bullies on both 'sides'? You raise some good points and these are exactly the kind of discussions we need.
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  17. I’ll go ahead, take the ball, and run with it.

    People in the porn industry want all of us to keep going to the porn sites, free or paid. Free sites have the ad money coming in and paid sites have the ad money and consumer’s money coming in. These porn industry folks are crooked. Posting bogus info around the web to discredit a No-PMO lifestyle isn’t going to be below them. Not saying this woman is one of those people but she may well be influenced by them. Or she may indeed be part of the industry in some way.

    Anything to keep the money flowing.
  18. Good points! Good job on your recovery!
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  19. Yeah that last question is a good one, I'm a right winger. Before I joined NoFap in July, I didn't know what Red Pill was, I didn't know what MGTOW is. I like Red Pill. On here I have a place to criticize feminism if I want to, and I get A TON of pushback from people who disagree with me :D, and that's great. I'm sure many if not all of these things may be scary to leftys/progressives/feminists. No doubt that's why there are outside feminists calling for guys like me to be "policed". Policed doesn't mean disagree though, it means "silenced". They conflate opposition to their own ideas with facism/racism/sexism/mass-shootings. I find Girl on the Web's ideas wrong and misandric - should I call for her to be "policed" off Twitter?

    Another factor I've seen from some Gary Wilson videos on porn addiction. He says that religious people are more likely than non-religious people to try to give up porn because of moral reasons. Non-religious people try to quit PMO less, and are blissfully unaware that they are addicted. Are religious people correlated with right-wingers? I don't know. I'm not religious and haven't been for many years. But, when I was younger my religious beliefs were the primary factor in wanting to give up porn at that time. Then I became less religious and had less of a problem with wanting to quit porn. Now, I've decided to embrace atheism at the same time as giving up porn. I'm not trying to give up porn for moral reasons though, I'm trying to give it up because it's bad for my health and well-being.

    Something I pointed out to you @kropo82, is that perhaps the left-wing community subscribes more to the "sex-positive" ideology. Thus if, as a left-winger, you come out against PMO, to them you are identifying yourself as "sex-negative" (which isn't true), like those backward, puritanical, sexist conservatives. So in that environment you're taking a risk by going against the grain of your community. Some left-wingers might feel uncomfortable going against the grain, so less of them join a movement like NoFap. I don't know
  20. Yep sounds like a very reasonable take on things and it is something to be aware of
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