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  1. You should keep a journal, they say.
    It will help you with your problems, they say.

    ...maybe they are right, I think. :)

    Like many other fapstronauts I came to the realization, that, after quitting porn and fapping, I have won plenty of time - time I am really good at wasting.
    Since my native language is not english, I at first did not even know what "to procrastinate" meant. But I was already good at it.
    So now I am without PMO since about 70 or 80 days, and I have to admit, that I can not complain too much. Everything was fine so far.
    I always knew, that I could spent my time way more efficient, but I also thought, that a little bit of laziness is no problem at all.
    But today I had kind of a bad day at work. Nothing too bad, but I was still in a bad mood. And suddenly I started to think about porn more often.
    Good old porn. My getaway drug.
    So after I came home I started to make up my mind about all the things I could/should do, but I was not able to start anything. So I ended up doing nothing for the whole afternoon and evening (just watching stupid videos on YouTube and reading even more stupid articles).
    And again, there were the thoughts about porn. Luckily I did not give in, and abstained from further temptations, but nevertheless I knew that I have to change some things to get more value into my life.
    And (like many times before) nofap gave me the answer before I even was able to pose the question.
    I skipped through some posts and found a thread from a guy who also tries to fill his time with the most content possible (unfortunately I can not remember his name or the threads name).
    So I decided to start a journal in which I try to post a couple of times a week about my progress with fighting procrastination. Starting tomorrow. :)
    Hopefully this will help me, because otherwise I fear that I could get into a downward spiral, which would most likely lead me into giving up on everything I achieved so far completely (because of the lack of a sense).
    P.S.: Any advice or help would be appreciated.
  2. Day 1
    The first day has passed and I am actually pretty satisfied with the outcome.
    I got up early (6h15), had breakfast until 7 and then I started to tidy up a little bit.
    From 8 till noon I studied for university and after lunch I continued. Okay, I also took a nap for about an hour, surfed the web for about two and watched a movie. But all things considered, I'd say it was a good day - 16 hours awake and not too much procrastination (the movie might have been unnecessary, but I like movies and this "experiment" should not lead me to give up on everything that I like).
    The plan for tomorrow is pretty much the same.
    I think writing this journal should help a lot, because I would never tell someone in real life, that I usually waste my time by doing nothing. But here I can tell everybody what I do (or don't) and because I am honest and I am practicing to stick with things I started until the end, I feel "forced" to do right. :)
  3. Day 2

    Well, as expected, the day started pretty similar to Saturday:
    got up early (6); had breakfast and tidied up the apartment until 8.
    And until noon I studied again.
    After lunch I got constantly distracted from WhatsApp messages, coming from my fellow university colleagues. Since I already finished the tasks that had been given to us, I was able to help them out. But still: this reminded me why I actually almost never turn on the internet on the phone - it is just not worth it.
    And since I am still at the beginning of this process, it was very easy for me to waste the rest of the day.
    I even tried to force myself back to my books, which worked at first. But then I gave up entirely and watched two movies and procrastinated like a boss :)
    Back to the start I guess....
  4. I struggle with the same stuff bro.
    Between work and life i have things i need to get done but i tell my self i worked hard i deserve a break.
    Than the break turns into hours of mindless activity that doesnt get me closer to my goals.
    Lets fight this bro.

  5. I am with you.
    And it is exactly like you say: after a hard day (sometimes even after a lazy day :) ), I "reward" myself with countless hours of mindless activities.
    And, most of the time, I do not really think that this is a bad thing. But on the other hand I am worried about wasting precious time, just because I do not know what to do.....
  6. Day 3

    Today was a workday - so I was already busy for 8 hours.
    I can also procrastinate at work, but at least I get paid for it :) so it doesn't count.
    After work I went home and did my workout (40 minutes). And after shower and cooking (incl. doing the dishes right away) I surfed the web for about an hour or so.
    After that I even managed to study a little bit, but since the workout makes me always a little bit sleepy, I think I'll go to bed now. Maybe I'll read for a couple of minutes.
    Altogether not too bad of a day.
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  7. Hey bro. I was also thinking some of us don't have a lot of time out of our day. For me work with driving and now winter is a whole day deal you come home at 6 or later need to cook for tomarrow time for the gyn studying russian is my main goal also looking for my calling living at home. Still gotta get it done some how. You mentioned you have whats up.
    It might be kinda strange but we could just message each other a line or something . Some stranger askes you if you got your stuff done that day.
    Just be like hey. You get done what you wanted to.?
    If not when and how can you do it.

    Im trying to change my life I don't want to waste time on stupid stuff.
    Let me know dude.

  8. Hello again,
    actually it is kind of a good idea, to have someone who reminds you to do your tasks. But as I mentioned in one of my previous posts: I hate Whats App (and pretty much all kind of "social media") - I only use it for university, because whenever I get a message I automatically have to grab my phone - just like Pavlovian conditioning. And I really don't want to be enslaved by something like that ;-)
    So I almost never turn on the Internet on my phone. So this would probably not really work :)
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  9. Day 4 and 5

    Everything went well the last two days.
    Sure I could have "optimized" more things - but all together I am very satisfied.
    Workout runs smooth; I study for university every day; when I am at work my mood is much better; I read way more (books, not just stupid articles on the web); I am way more focused and I always try to do things as soon as they come into my mind.
    The best thing by far I noticed today: I think I am one step further in my reboot process. Because whenever I surf the web, I have news websites I regularly visit and one of them shows topless girls every day. Up until now I always had a certain feeling, whenever I saw one of those pretty women.
    But today I just thought to myself: Well, she is pretty. And then I moved on.
    The particular feeling is hard to explain, but I'd say that, if the 90 day period really is based on something scientific, I might be beyond that point now (as I mentioned before, I do not count the days - but I'd guess, that I am somewhere around 90).
    I am curious to see how things will proceed....
  10. Hey bro, reading your journal. Looks good man im gonna start the gym up again even though i work manual labor u need the gym to destress.
    I also don't have social networks except skype amd whats up but thats strickly family and a few friends.
    Keep pushing man!!
  11. Days 6 - 11

    I was away for the weekend, so I did not have the time to write my journal.
    The last couple of days were very decent - I tried to socialize as much as possible and I think that it went very well.
    My biggest problem was always to deal with the booze, that is why I wanted to stop drinking alcohol altogether. But I also knew, that this would be almost impossible for me.
    And yesterday it happened: I went out with some guys from work.
    But instead of getting drunk and maybe wanting to fap, I was disciplined and I did not want to fap at all - so I guess I am cured :)

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