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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Takecontrol44, Nov 24, 2019.

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    Hey there, I wanna keep this short as possible but I’m currently anti-social than ever before I’m not nervous to talk to woman it’s just that I don’t really care to talk. I’m 22 btw also a attractive young man ya’know so I might get a little sign from a female that says “talk to me” all over her face but unfortunately I’m suffering from pornography which is holding me back so you already know how that goes with having pied. I just wanna get some replies please because I’m still single and the main part is showing up alone to family events or any social gathering does it look bad? Anyways I’m looking forward to being being lied free next month (December 2019) + 2020
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    Brethren, focus on your recovery first. You are the prize. Once you are well enough in your recovery maybe look to become more social, but one thing at a time Brethren!!!
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    Focus on recovery first and then move on from there. If an opportunity presents itself while you are recovering then go for it and see where it leads you but don't put these kind of goals because it is not a good idea. I mean just by having someone to join you in the family gatherings is not a good reason whatsoever. Be happy the way you are now. That is the key. If you are happy right now then your life will only continue to be better
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    Yeah, try your best to discipline yourself and becoming a better man, and gain a solid sense of your core values and what you are all about before start approaching with a lot of anxiety, nervousness that will make it awkward for you and them aswell, looks don't "kill" unless you have additional personality traits and alpha cues, ok.

    Trust me man! I am older ;)
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  5. I started staying away from Facebook within my streak and I also deleted an alternate account of Instagram. I feel more lighter. I will not quit Facebook and I will get back to it, but now I feel I know where to channel my energy when it comes to social media. I feel I have developed that mindset where I can use social media in useful ways and not degenerate into losing control, even though I know I no longer need social media.
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  6. You already know the issue and that's good. Do a FULL reboot - whatever that means to you. If you still have ED and are still anxious, chances are that you need to keep going on your streak. And don't just stop at porn, reexamine your whole life. Are you healthy? Do you exercise? Do you spend too much time on the internet. You got this man.
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