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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by depeche69, Aug 19, 2021.

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    Hi guys,

    just wanted to tell you, that the last day i relapsed hardly, binge fapped to hardcore porn until i was empty. Then i ate each day at least 4.000 calories by driving every evening to burger king and mcdonalds.
    Now the weather is cold and rainy and i got a cold.

    I'm feeling so miserable and i wish a thunderbold strikes me to end this current situation. Unbeliebable how fapping and fast food can destroy someone. I saw this morning myself in the mirror and felt disgusting.

    Today and tomorrow i will fasting, drinking only water and tea and i will start again my nofap journey.

    Don't judge me for my weakness.
  2. nan1234

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    Hey man, we all fail sometimes. It's only natural, especially since PMO addiction is hard to recover from.

    Pick yourself up and start over. Remember why you even started this whole journey. We can make it.

    Also, if you do relapse/reset again, try to avoid bingeing, as it further sets you back. A relapse is not an excuse for binge, it's an opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

    Good luck my dear friend!
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  3. Beekind

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    If you want to be full, allow yourself to be empty.
    It is part of the journey. Embrace it and keep moving forward.
    U may fail 99 times , but all it needs is one time to succeed, and you are free
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    I think this is in the wrong section
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