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    I think I may go back on a antidepressant. I was on Zoloft for my General Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks. I no longer get panic attacks but I'm constantly anxious.

    I'm constantly worrying about my heart, if I will get it up for my girlfriend and if I can stay up, if nofap will help me have better erections and help with the ED I've suffered from even as a teenager (26 now), and just over all feeling stressed out all the time.

    Would like to hear from people who take them and if it interferes with their sex life at all. When I was on Zoloft I had no girlfriend and would PMO and MO all the time. Like multiple times a day like 2-5 times. Crazy I know.

    If you are on an antidepressant does it hurt your sex life? Has it actually helped your sex life? Did it help for your anxiety problems? Basically I just wanted to know if I go on them can I expect my penis to go bye-bye. Like I said I could get it up to porn while on them so I'm sure I could with my girlfriend. Just want to know your guy's thoughts on the ones who take them.
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    My Cymbalta was prescribed directly for GAD and panic attacks and it works very well for me. I haven't had sex on it, but the most noticeable sexual impact I had was significant delayed ejaculation. Bear in mind that not all anti-depressants are created equal, especially when it comes to sexual side effects. On Cymbalta, it took me longer to get physically in the mood, and it wasn't as realistic for me to perform as frequently (in effect, it would reduce physical orgasms per day even though the mental drive remains).

    What it would definitely allow me to do is stay at the edge of orgasm for very long time frames. The amount of warning I might have before having an O was measured in handfuls of minutes rather than seconds. I might get to the point where I am ready to O, then surprisingly nothing like that happened and I could just keep going with it. Before starting nofap, it made me late to work on several instances.

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