Anxiety and Depression with Bullies

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  1. I have been bullied by people of my age or even below. It is haunting me since adolescence. More recently some kid was continuously bullying(verbally) me for the last few months, I ignored but when I saw the same kid get over me all over again. He was just being a jerk. I don't even know him. I got anxious and told him a few things myself. When I left, I felt so depressed and vulnerable due one of the reasons being my addiction towards porn. I think I should ask him about his problem but I doubt its gonna do anything better if I am not being effective. Honestly it just sounds so much feeble a problem with respect daily activities. But the thing is I try escape from reality by porn, gaming or anything graphical as some sort of escapism. Its happening to me for years and I don't even have many friends to deal with this.
  2. What do you fear? What holds you back from standing up for yourself?
    Or are you afraid of losing control?
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    Listen buddy, I am a mess myself, and I'm learning psychology as a lay person. Based on my understanding, and I could be wrong, the reason you are bothered by bullying is not so much the bullies, but the fact that you may feel weak and unable to defend yourself, and this is a deep feeling. It's like imagine a person having a zit on their face. And it bothers them. As someone else points it out, they will feel even more embarrassment. Because they were already bothered by it and now someone brought it up with them.

    This realization may bring some peace to you. I.e. realizing that there may be this inner, subconscious urge to feel weak on some level inside you. Of course, rational part of you rebels this idea, hence the conflict.
  4. Thank You! I haven't really thought about my physical and psychologically weakness due to addiction. I guess I was just blocking my conscious to have a certain realization towards this. Honestly it was hard for me to say bc I was furious about this. Was thinking of beating him down initially. We play football on the same club. At times I thought I shouldnt have taken it to the heart by rationalizing my anxiety for my addiction.
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    Hey man, I'm really sorry that happened to you. I had that happen a lot and it sucks. Several times in school, college, a little even in work situations. I didn't totally understand what you said but it sounded like seeing something in his life that may have been behind the bullying and/0r is in your life too. It is very impressive that your were thinking that way I admire that and try to do the same thing but it is hard. I try now, before I just did whatever popped in my head and often it was a very bad idea.

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