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    hello everyone so ive been pmoing for nearly 4 years and pmo has completely destroyed my life ive been suffuring from severe anxiety ever since i started pmo i read about how pmo fucks up the dopamine system so if i quit pmo will my anxiety go away completely please help
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    It will absolutely help, brother. Among a bunch of other good things!
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    It will help you just have to stay strong!
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  4. There are many causes of anxiety and it can be most useful to try and address the issues themselves; you could try reading overcome anxiety, or listening to guided relaxation techniques - the nhs one is called steps for stress, and is on YouTube - trying self hypnosis CDs, or visiting a doctor if things a really tough. There are many helpful resources, but the point is sometimes it's not what your doing but why you're doing it. Quitting pmo can be useful: as giving up an avoidance habit, having more energy to pursue healthy habits, basically just benefiting you in a general way which could help to improve your anxieties and mental health as well. Just avoid pitfalls such as edging or stress eating: other bad habits you might pick up in lieu of giving up one coping or avoidance habit (in this case pmo) can make you feel worse, as well as make quitting pmo harder. Take your time, be realistic, and don't be too hard on yourself. Hope this was useful, best of luck!!

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