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  1. Lee741258963

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    No sure if this is the right place for this post - in fact it probably Isn't.
    I suffer from what I assume is nasty anxiety when anything happens with a lady.
    I was at a party this evening and not to go in to too many details but things got quite real.
    I'm home now and now I'm sitting alone in the dark hyperventilating, I don't get why I'm so shivery with this, I don't get this intense when I do other stuff that scares me.

    Argh I'm not sure what to do
  2. Ferns

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    Do you fap a lot? Fapping a lot and reaching O will diminish your confidence and self esteem.

    Maybe you’re not used to interacting to women? You’ll just have to get used to it by facing your fear (things getting real with women) and eventually, you’ll get used to it.

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