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    New to NoFap and committing to Hard Mode (MPO) from today, for 30 days.

    I've been using MP since my early teens, multiple/several times a day. My consumption of P has become more extreme in nature, and I recently resorted to risky sexual behaviour. The consequences this has had on my life include a constant low mood/depression, internalised shame about being gay despite being out of the closet for a decade and no healthy long-term relationships.

    I've recently admitted to being an addict. I'm convinced of the neuroscience behind addiction and I want to change my mind because I deserve a shot at a happier life.

    Advice needed
    I struggle to get past 24 hours of abstinence, the physiological and mental tension is intense. Very new to NoFap, read the website guidelines but anything anyone would like to advise or emphasise would be helpful. This is one of the toughest things I'll ever do.

    I will update my progress every evening either on here or on Reddit.

    I am open to having an accountability partner too. Particularly happy to hear from other gay men.

    Thanks :)
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  2. Hey there. Gay man here as well.

    To get through the 24 hour stretch, I recommend changing your environment. Leave your phone in your car. Only use a computer when your screen is exposed to other people. Don't trust your will power when you are just getting started!

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