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  1. I would appreciate any advice anyone has that could help me develop discipline in the face of being by yourself. I relapsed and while I don't feel too down about it, I just hate that I had set a goal for myself and didn't follow through. Not following through on these goals has me thinking I won't be able to follow through on my long-term goals, like becoming a doctor. I really would want to stop watching porn, but I end up just thinking about how I probably won't be having sex with anyone any time soon and I just fold and start watching it. I want to do better, but I would appreciate it if anyone has tips that helped them really get the ball rolling on quitting porn.
  2. Life is not about sex. That's what porn tells you and what the mind uses as an excuse to get its dopamine high. That's what the mass media and entertainment would have you believe in order to keep one addicted to their base desires. Again, the goal of life is not about sex. The goal of one's career is not about sex. Most importantly, your self esteem should not be based on having sex or even having a girlfriend. They may boost it, but are not the foundation. Your foundation needs something more solid. Can you stand being alone without feeling lonely? What causes loneliness? Fear of being alone. Alone with whom? That's the beginning.

    Anybody can be an addict, and that's why addiction never leads to happiness. Just like our careers, it takes work on building relationships. We may open our minds in our careers or in class to learn more about the world around us, but do we open our hearts to learn about each other? In a society that values the mind, it is easy to overlook this part of life that everyone needs. However, the heart cannot be nurtured by the mind.

    I hope this helps you out. If it doesn't, then feel free to drop it. We're all in this fight together.
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    Yeah, i have some for you.
    Replace the fapping habits with good habits, Sport,going, out , Hobbys, Music, doing more something with friends or family.
    Look into the department from the success stories! They did it already and have good tips.
    I have these sentences down from there and it helps realy much.
    Answer the question what you want be in the future and what you'll have from giving up porn and what it will do with you.

    "What do I want to have accomplished on my death bed?"

    "What do I to have done in 5 years?"

    "What do I always want to have done since I was a kid?"

    "The answers I just got, how can I change those into actionable actions?"

    Sorry for my English.
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    Write it on paper!
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