Any advice on getting with a lady?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by TheAlpha, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. TheAlpha

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    I always have a problem knowing if a woman is interested in me how would i know?
  2. Slothman

    Slothman Fapstronaut

    1) She constantly looks at you
    2) When gazes meet you will know
    3) Talk to her, if she opens up to you then that "COULD" be a cue
    4) Smiles
    5)Ask her lmao

    Disclaimer: These are not a definitive way to knowing for sure. Except for number 5 but nobody likes that one
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  3. ewq

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    1) Tell her a joke. She will most propably laugh if she is interested in you and even if the joke is lousy or corny.
    2) How does she respond to your questions? She will tell you more you need to know if she is interested. A girl who is not interested will give you very short answers: "yes" "no" etc.
    3) Observe her body language when she is talking to you or around you.
  4. cool guy

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    She'll talk to you a lot. Not just in-person, but calling and texting. Other subtle clues is that she laughs with you. Either at your jokes or something funny that happened when you're together.

    Or you could ask her if she likes you, but that's a more direct approach and could end weirdly. Be careful.

    Good luck though!
  5. Freddy Max

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    A good book I read on the subject was "Getting love right" by T.Gorski, who specialises in addictions, the book points out some of the pitfalls of dating and relationship building and is aimed at those people who have suffered from addictions. Are you really looking for a partner or are you looking for a living/breathing drug with the appropriate sex organs ? this and other questions are talked about within the book, take care
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  6. Plutonium

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    I recommend you watch a few videos on youtube about body language. There are many tell-tale signs women subconsciously give when they are interested in a guy. Hair playing is one of the most famous ones. And slipping her shoes on and off while talking to you or looking at you is one of the strongest signs of all - deeply sexual.

    But there are many others too which are far more subtle... and the knowledge is very accessible.
  7. Temujin

    Temujin Fapstronaut

    Or just tell her you think she is really cute and see if she responds positively.

    Much less work
  8. Dude forreal. Just be happy w yourself and what your doing. And being around a woman will resonate
  9. Jonathan House

    Jonathan House Fapstronaut

    By her talk. Her replies, Her behavior towards you!
  10. Randomphilia

    Randomphilia Fapstronaut

    The above posters I think gave you some good answers OP.

    My two cents though: Honestly, there's no true method or way to know if a woman's interest in you. The way she looks at you, the way she moves as she's with you, the way she talks are a good measure of whether or not she has the hots for you. But ultimately, it's a question that's hard to answer. You won't know if a woman is interested in you or is being polite.

    I asked the same question as you did during a dating discussion panel, and they gave me that one answer. There's no real way to tell if a girl is interested in you. You could try telling your feelings about her when yer most comfortable, you two could subconsciously figure it out the more you spend time together. What's important though OP, is that you TRY.

    Ask that girl out to lunch or afternoon tea. Talk with her, see what kind of person she is. Remember that you also need to figure out if you are genuinely interested in this girl or as you get to know her you find out she's not your type.

    Sorry for the roundabout question. My answer OP is simply you will never know if a girl does care about you back. All you can do is try and hope for the best. And if she isn't interested, well, here's a pat on the back from some guy on the Internet telling you it's okay. You tried, and there's always next time.

    Take care, OP.
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