Any connections between long "PMO" sessions and inflammation?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by StraightEdge3616, Nov 10, 2019.

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    Preface this to say, I have an arthritis condition that already causes a lot of inflammation in my body so I understand that's probably the main reason I have inflammation.

    But in addition to this, I can't help but wonder how much of my own PMO sessions are making my inflammation worse than it actually is. I'm just curious about your thoughts on the effect of long PMO sessions (6-7 hours in length, about 2-3 weeks a week) causing more inflammation in areas of the body such as the hip, etc.? The 6-7 hours consisting of "edging" as well. Bad I know....

    I'm just wondering how much of a connection there could be and if stopping this completely with a long reboot could solve some inflammation issues. The longest streak I've had in quite some time was 31 days but that was over a year I can't really compare it to anything to answer this question myself. I'll have lots of mini streaks of 10 days at the most but I'm not sure I can tell a difference.

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    I can't really speak about arthritis but I can tell you this, I used to suffer from prostatitis, which is basically prostate inflammation if you think about it, and even though I never told my doctor that I'm 100% sure it was caused by my hours-long session of edging.
    Once I stopped doing that everything came back to normal. So I believe is completely plausible that can cause inflammation on other parts as well, maybe just the fact you sit in a certain way (or stand still or in bed I don't know) for hours can worsen your arthritis.
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    Thanks for your reply and sharing your insight! I truly appreciate it. And yes, that's exactly what I mean! I'm glad you understand what I mean by "hours long" sessions of edging with PMO and I'm very encouraged to hear that you also believe it helped your inflammation by stopping it. That really gives me some motivation to hear that someone else might see a correlation between the two. I sit in my chair while doing it. Did you have inflammation in other areas besides the prostate? How long would you say after stopping, did the inflammation lessen? And how many days are you at currently?

    Again, I know I already have chronic inflammation that getting rid of PMO won't fix, but I'm wondering how much "excess" inflammation I'm getting from these sessions that I could get rid of.

    Thanks again.
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    Yeah... and PMO also causes hairy palms and male pattern baldness
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    I believe PMOs weaken the immune system because of some experiences I've had, so I think it must have some relationship
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    I used to have strong skin inflammation. I don't know if the only reason for it was PMO, but I agree with the comment above that PMO weakens your immune system and I also believe PMO makes you more prone to stress that negatively affects your immune system too. I abstained from porn and masturbation more than 2 years ago and skin inflammation is almost gone now. I also had sinusitis for years, that is inflammation too and nothing have helped. After I stopped PMO it got much better. So I think there is direct connection between PMO and inflammation. And as you I used to edge a lot. Actually all my health problems started when I began to edge. When I just masturbated it was not that bad.
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    Inflammation I believe is caused through having a weak immune system
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  11. DeepSeaDiver

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    I think ergonomics of prolonged PMO sessions is not helpful for body/posture/joints. You are in a non relaxed state with posture and positioning that is set up to view a computer/tv.
    I have noticed issues with my back/hips/neck after having extended PMO sessions.
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  12. DeepSeaDiver

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    PMO stands for porn masturbation and orgasm.

    edging is prolonged masturbation to delay orgasm.
  13. Freeddom_Taker

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    I've been edging for years and now I'm suffering from the consequences of it. I'm on a hardmode streak of 450 days and a lot of parts of my body are swollen.
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  15. StraightEdge3616

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    Yep, that was kind of my line of thinking as well. Just curious if anyone else had thoughts on this topic or their own personal experience.
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  17. bfdet

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    Short version: DO NOT EDGE ! EVER !

    Edging is really bad. Edging trains your body and mind to expect and to need prolonged, often very intense, stimulation in order to reach O. That level of mental and physical stimulation doesn't happen with PIV relations. Guess what: when you attempt PIV, your body and mind don't receive the kind of stimulation it needs to O, instead your body responds with PIED and DE. Not good.

    Edging does NOTHING good, so stop. Easier said than done, but it is certainly NOT impossible and very much worth every bit of effort required to stop this damaging activity.

    For more information about edging, have a look at:


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