Any cure for gayness?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Casey_Kay, Feb 6, 2020.

  1. Casey_Kay

    Casey_Kay Fapstronaut

    I've just relapsed man. All it's gone. You guys made me so aroused by these discussions. I broke the challenge after 21 days of no pmo! It's so so sad!
  2. ivanhoe

    ivanhoe Fapstronaut

    Who do you naturally look at on the street? who do think is pretty?
    Have you ever had crushes/liked girls?

    are these gay fantasies just in your head? Remember that fantasies - like dreams - are symbolic. They are all you and you mind. not a real dick, not a real vagina - all in you head... a lot of times people have fantasies they don't want - find the meaning or what it is trying to fulfill - it is often NOT a sexual need. Someone who has low self esteem, for example might like fem dom.

    There are people on this forum who have escalated to bestiality - no one is 'born' with bestiality.

    there are stone age cultures where even masturbation is unknown - (same with homosexuality) - so obviously this is not inborn behavior.
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  3. recoome

    recoome Fapstronaut

    Then dont read stimulating posts. I used to edge n cheat myself with pmo thoughts.

    Now I I don't indulge in the thoughts. Please take this with the same seriousness as a grown up would

    I'm not being condescending. I just dont want you to wreck your life by doing something that will give you trauma.
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  4. recoome

    recoome Fapstronaut

    homosexuality isnt just about sleeping with same sex, nor is hetersexuality about sleeping with opposite sex. there's more to it. its .also about whom ur attracted to emotionally.
    also sex isnt always as fun as they show in porn. sure it's pleasurable, but porn overrates it. even if ur with a woman, chances are slim that she'll be begging you for stuff.
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  5. Ricardo ASDS

    Ricardo ASDS Fapstronaut

    [CITAÇÃO = "Casey_Kay, post: 2424864, membro: 377045"] Eu acho que a cura para a homossexualidade seria ser fodida com tanta força na bunda e chupar um pau tão bom : p. Essa é a conclusão de todas essas discussões :)[/ QUOTE]
    Infelizmente está se deixando levar pelo impulso
  6. wyjebane

    wyjebane Fapstronaut

    do you like women too? do you feel sexual attracted to girls? if yes then you are not totally gay, try to ignore men and focus only in women, start watching female porn
  7. Dizzy Lotus

    Dizzy Lotus Fapstronaut

    Excuse me? Whom do you think this forum is for? [​IMG] Right, porn addicts. [​IMG]
  8. marekasap

    marekasap Fapstronaut

    stop watching porn at first and follow that rule. It should help. It helps me so far and have no gay thoughts now.
  9. Gmork

    Gmork Fapstronaut

    It's not sad at all, man.
    furthermore, it's not even interesting.
    These guys didn't make you aroused, so why are you making a big song & dance about it?
    It's quite clear from the beginning of this whole thread that you're just tripping on gay scenarios, and you're getting off on making other people complicit in your fantasy by getting them to engage with you about hypothetical sex with men.
    Why don't you just jack-off in a sex chat room, instead of wasting people's time here?

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