Any devops cloud engineers here? Help me with learning path please..

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    I would like to learn and become a devops cloud engineer on self pace. Please help me with learning path or may be plan/ road map to become one.

    I currently work as application support engineer in INDIA. I have no realtime developement experience. Work we do is to give customer support 24/7 in rotation shift basis. 2 years ago I have few moths of experience in work with team doing function testing with continues integration. But my responsibility there is to just configure test case in automation tool, by entering test case number.
    I want to get out of this production support project and become a devops cloud engineer but not sure about the learning path. Any guidance/ learning path to how to approach and achive my goal willl be realy help full.

    PFB my skills / details,
    Total experience in IT: 3.4 years
    Skills: ServiceNow ticket handling, basic python till OOPS concept, basics of java, basics of SQL, DB2, basics of HTML, CSS and java script.
    I am certified with fundamentals of Agile. LEAN six sigma green belt certification.
    Azure az 900 certification. And some exposure in Jenkins, app dynamics, splunk, SOAP UI, WinSCP tool.
    Currently I am learning Linux and shell scripting.

    Issue is I have exposure in basics of all the above but not deep knowledge or developed experience. Also I am confuse in which order I need to start learn the tools required to become devops cloud engineer.

    Obstacle: since I am working in rotational shift, I am unable to join any regular class or course, my shift timings will vary every week. Only option is I need to learn on self pace.

    Kindly help me for same.
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