Any doctors fap? 3 yrs later bored of NoFap

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by numpty, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. numpty

    numpty Fapstronaut

    I did nofap in Jul 2015 for 14 days and then 116 days from Nov 2015

    I then entered a geeky stimulating relationship and she went to her home country. It ended with her.

    Since June 2016 i been busy wanking off and get worse as each day goes on.

    Its like i discovered nofap in early 2015 all excited etc now i got bored of it....

    Whilst i could build muscle quicker with nofap i dont know why i dont stick to it and reap in other rewards too!

    I do need to quit as i want to be a doctor and study my entry exams...

    Any doctors in this issue?
  2. Meditation Monk

    Meditation Monk Fapstronaut

    I suggest you do some lucid dreaming and I am listening to music for lucid dreaming. I want to be in a lucid dream, and a sexy one too. lol. Since I never get the satisfaction from dating or relationships in real life. Although I did get a lucid dream once and I felt sensational after I woke up the next morning. It helps me sleep each night while going through my stressful moments. It felt quite good being in there. I wonder why some folks always get the girls and they get married and live in house and have four kids and fourteen grandchildren. I wonder if it has to do with money and business for the most part. hmmmmmm.

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