Any effective way to fight Hairfall/ Hairloss?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Jeremy_Jr., Jun 12, 2020.

  1. Jeremy_Jr.

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    During this lockdowns I just noticed I'm having a lot of hair fall.. anyone know an effective way to reverse it? Thanks in advance!
  2. Mistersofty

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  3. Garek

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    I started losing my hair in college. My advice, accept the inevitable and go get yourself a pair of clippers.
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  4. Axesteel

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    Get Your Vitamins and don't eat a lot of junk food and pray because it gives you hope
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  5. Shadow™輝ツ

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    My Journal
    You gotta oil you’re hair, eat good, and the most important one DONT WANK UR PP
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  6. Some guys claim they get SOME regrowth after a complete reboot.

    But, my thought is probably not.

    And outside of a reboot, there is no cure for baldness.

    So, just buzz it off. That isn't a factor with women.

    Do not waste money on products or services, they won't work.
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  7. FutureKing

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    Don't care? Vanity is nonsense. Go full Jean Luc Picard and shave it off.
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  8. Embrace it, go full on "Jason Stathum" maybe. :)
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  9. If you do not want to lose your hair, show it some love. Give it some coconut oil, vitamins, etc.

    Now if you are worried how you look like to other women. Yeah shave it off.
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  10. Phast

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    This ^
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  11. Phast

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    They can. If some people cured PIED after 8 months of Nofap, they can do the same for their hair.
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  12. PerseveranceToday

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  13. Phast

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    Lower your stress. Understand what sttessors you have in life. Find ways to curb stress.

    Sleep when you feel sleepy. Don't fight it just because you're watching a good fight scene or a new upload on Youtube.

    Go to the toilet. Don't hold it in.

    Don't use electronics most of the day.

    Google epigenetics by Bruce Lipton.

    My hair grew after like 3 months but not much. I'll wait till the end of 2020.
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  14. Jeremy_Jr.

    Jeremy_Jr. Fapstronaut

    Wow! Guys thank you so much for your responses. I'm taking it all into consideration :) Although I don't think I'm going bald yet, so I will first take the healthy way. Shaving, Wig and Jason Stathum is still far from happening lol :p

    - Pray (Yes I do as much as possible, but I don't pray for my hair though)
    - Vitamins (I am currently taking Centrum)
    - Give it some coconut oil
    - Eat good and No junkfoods
    - Sleep
    ( I always lack sleep around 5-6 hrs mostly and I only get sleepy around 2-3am )
    - Lower your stress Understand what stressors you have in life.
    - Don't use electronics most of the day
    - Continue NF
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  15. Phast

    Phast Fapstronaut

    Patience is your friend. Don't rush the Nofap journey.
  16. vercent99

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    i recently saw an ad about men hairloss solution product called "The Big Three" or "The Big 3"

    check it out maybe it can be helpful, but always ask a doctor before using products

  17. Dude.

    There is no cure for baldness.

    Accept it.
  18. Mistersofty

    Mistersofty Fapstronaut

    True. But there are effective ways to fight it.
  19. vercent99

    vercent99 Fapstronaut

    i am not bald but i saw that ad so i thought maybe it will be effective

    also i saw someone on youtube who did surgery to fix his hairline so i think theres cures
  20. You got bad information, my friend.

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