Any effective way to fight Hairfall/ Hairloss?

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  1. First, no there aren't. There's no follicle.

    Second, why would you need to?

    You can be an athletic, intelligent, high achieving bald guy.

    As a man, your hair has no effect on your outcomes with women.
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    Finestride 1mg/d, minoxidil 5mg topical twice per day preferably along with micro-needling once a week. Male-pattern hair loss starts in mid-twenties and slows/stops its progression when you get to your mid-thirties, so the more hair you can salvage during this time, the more you’ll keep for good. Do your best, but keep in mind, here a lot depends on your genes.
    There always is the nuclear option of hair transplant for the cure.

    Not true, the cure is hair transplant. No cure in a pill form, the cure is surgical.

    As for the stress, yes, stress does cause temporary hair loss, but those hairs you always grow back, there’s no permanent hair loss due to stress, whereas male-pattern hair loss is permanent.
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  3. Those chemicals will not, nor have ever been shown to regrow hair.

    All a hair transplant is is they weave hair into the scalp.

    Nothing really changes about the baldness, or the scalps inability to grow hair.

    As I said before, stop supporting junk medicine and junk science.
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    What you mean chemical?! Is that bad? You and I are chemical, what is not chemical?

    You’re mostly correct, about hair regrowth, though regrowth has been reported that’s not why you do it, as I mentioned it’s to slow/stop hairloss, it’s not likely to reverse it. Again you want to keep as much as possible till your hit mid-thirties.

    what’s that about transplant? You mean hair doesn’t grow once transplanted?
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    I actually tried finasteride 1 mg and definitely regrows hair. Everyone was asking me about why my hair was growing back! Then I started getting muscle pain and really bad stomach cramps whenever I took it. I had to stop because of this and now my hair is going thin again. It’s too bad because that stuff worked wonders for my hair. FYI u have to be on it 6 months before u notice results. I had to stop at 5 months and my hair was already seeing a big change. Look up somebodyalex on YouTube. Once u control inflammation and take finasteride u will see regrowth.
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    Actually, yes there are. And some guys like their hair and would like to keep it, regardless of what women think.
  7. It's going to be an expensive exercise in frustration then.
  8. No. What they do is take hair and weave it into the scalp.

    After a while the hairs fall out.

    The hair doesn't grow out of the scalp in a transplant or get nourished by the skin.

    It's basically a wig, but they sew it into the scalp.
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    Well you’re mistaken about transplant my man. Its not hair/just keratin that is transplanted, its the hair follicle. They grow, they don’t fall out. Male-pattern hair loss is not a matter of scalp nourishment, its action of testosterone on hair follice. Look it up if you’re interested.
  10. It's not testosterone, dihydrotestosterone sensitity which kills the follicle.

    Just like life, when the follicle is gone, it's over.

    And "keratin" is another name for hair, they are the same thing. It can't grow.

    Investigate what I say.

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