Any idea on how to have "non-ejaculatory orgasms?"

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    Any idea on how to have "non-ejaculatory orgasms?"

    I know it's not good for NoFap, but I couldn't find a specific instruction on how to do this....I want to keep Semen Retention, NO PMO, but the buildup of too much sexual energy is making me ...edgy af. Help?
  2. (I do not think this website is triggering, but click the link on your own discretion).

    This tutorial is essentially all you need. No need for any complicated Tantric methods of moving your Chi energy through your Chakras and what not. Sure, it might help and make things easier, but it's not necessary. All you have to have is strong PC muscle and some basic breathing methods. Locating PC muscle properly can be tricky (make sure you do not mistaken it for BC muscle, many people do). Exercising your PC muscle to make is strong enough takes time and patience. Other than that it is very easy. Some people naturally have strong PC, in which case you might be able to succeed from the first try.

    Do not use the want to try this as an excuse to relapse. You will highly likely lose semen from the first try of this. You might need months of training to succeed (simply because your PC will be probably too weak, I recommend not to even bother until you have exercised it for at least 3 months). If your goal is to not MO then I recommend trying during sex only. Then look in your condom and see whether anything came out. The idea that one should practice solo before doing it with a partner is absolute garbage.
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  3. Book: Taoist secrets of love Cultivating male sexual energy by Mantak Chia. It’s got everything you need.
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    Thanks, I checked it out...its pretty hard to control the PC muscles and cultivating male energy....have you tried it?
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    Thank you!
  6. Yes I am learning how, according to this book. Been using it for a few months now, it is taking a while to learn because sex is such a stimulating event, it can take years to have ejaculatory control. That said, my wife is very pleased with my changes so far. KOW
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    Hardmode PML with my wife 129 days today married for 33 years. I work the PC muscles 3 times a day 10 reps hold 20 seconds while deep breathing. So what are the techniques next to learn?
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    My opinion is that you really should avoid non-ejaculatory orgasms. When you experience one, here is what happens:
    1. Your testicles actually still release sperm and your prostate and seminal vesicles still release seminal fluids. Therefore, any benefits of semen retention are lost.
    2. Due to the sexual stimulation and orgasm, your brain floods with dopamine and other neurotransmitters. If you are trying to experience a reboot, this will sent you back.
    3. Your semen has to go somewhere! If none /very little leaks out (which is your goal), that means that the semen has undergone retrograde ejaculation. Retrograde ejaculation means that the semen has forced its way through the sphincter at the opening of the bladder (the wrong direction; that sphincter's purpose is literally to prevent semen from entering the bladder) and into your bladder instead of shooting or dribbling out of your penis like it should. Eventually, you will pee out the semen.
    4. Due to the flood of brain chemicals from the orgasm, you will experience the chaser effect. This is one of the easiest ways to fall into a relapse.

    Fight the urges! If you can win this battle, then you can beat anything ( except maybe your meat. Whatever you decide to do is up to you.) good luck!!!
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    I had sex many times without cumming. I would simply not allow myself to get stimulated enough to orgasm. There are other more fancy methods which I have no experience with.
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    It's extremely difficult to master. Sometimes I have had non-ejaculatory orgasms when edging, but it is a knife edge between no orgasm and an ejaculatory orgasm. My two most recent "wet" dreams were dry orgasms (not retrograde!).

    You can force a retrograde by pressure on the perineum, but I don't think that's healthy. You don't want to train your body to retrograde, or make it easier for that to happen. You don't want retrograde when you try to ejaculate, and retrograde defeats the purpose of retention.

    I don't think dry orgasms are things you should actually try to have. You should abstain from porn and edging entirely, and edging is basically required to have a dry orgasm.
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    No I don’t know how I just abstain all together from orgasm For extended periods of time
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  13. Don't you understand that having an intentional orgasm means a reset to your counter? You cannot reboot doing that. o_O
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    @IGY I think the main goal of nofap is to stop using porn. Period! Orgasm is not necessarily the problem. The problem is the unnatural superstimulus and addictive neural pathways that online porn creates. Orgasm in itself is NOT the enemy! Just think about it, if it wasn’t for someone orgasming/ejaculating you, me, and no one else on this forum wouldn’t be here lol! Now there are ways to control ejaculation and/or experience orgasm without ejaculation, so as to not recent some of the negatives of ejaculation. But in principle ejaculation in itself isn’t the real issue. As someone noted earlier there are Taoist books on how to orgasm without ejaculation. One book I’ve read was The Tao of Sexology by Stephen Chang
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  15. I agree, stopping porn addiction is, indeed, the main purpose of this website. Notwithstanding, there a great many other things that assist in achieving that objective. You know full well, there is much more than "addictive neural pathways".

    Let us take the much reduced dopamine receptors, caused by overstimulation of the reward circuit. Stopping porn is key to allowing the necessary repairs to work. But that effort would be sabotaged by masturbation with or without orgasms. The detail of whether ejaculation occurred is moot. It is the orgasm, even the anticipation of it via edging (orgasm control), that releases even more dopamine! :eek: So, one could avoid all porn, yet prevent reboot occurring by having non-ejaculatory orgasms! So, I reiterate that having an intentional orgasm means a reset to your counter. You must not do it @Robane.
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    You can try one more option - Big Draw technique. Big Draw technique in Tantra is a technique which let you experience orgasm without ejaculation, when energy doesn't stay in the genital area but goes through the whole body. You don't lose it with ejaculation. It stays in your body and becomes a source of vital energy and strength
    You can read more about it here, for instance
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    Wow, I am really confused
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    Hi when i told my dr u was trying to quit masturbation she suggested a regular prostate massage like every 3-4 weeks to releve excess toxic fluids which build up for my prostate health so i have done that with an aneros device.
  19. Dang, I don’t want to go against mantak chia and eastern sexual practices because they got the science down, end game science science. But I’d imagine non-ejaculatory orgasms can have the same repercussions as edging??? Unless the training and practice actually keeps semen to going back into the bladder or blue balling/congesting yourself down there, Id like to know more.

    Is is true that dopamine receptors can recover in a few weeks?

    Hi Paul, how is everything??
  20. This is not true.

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