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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Aspect_16, Jun 18, 2021.

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    So guys yesterday around 9am I relapsed on my 15 day streak. I accepted my mistake and I went back in more determined to come out better since I learn from my past mistakes. Fifteen minutes ago, I did some sexual stuff with a girl and I had an orgasm, Is this a relapse, should I reset my timer or keep it moving. I also feel really bad since it was with a random girl I don't really have feelings for. I also like this girl and she really likes me too, In a way I feel like a cheater. I need you anyone's advice asap. Thank you very much and goodnight.
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    Real sex is allowed in terms of Nofap, it is not a relapse nethier a reset.
    Keep going
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    I second this. Visual stimulation with porn is the only time we should reset our counter
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  5. Depends on your goals. In your case, your counter should say "No porn no masturbation" and then you are within your ruleset which allows real sex - which I think is the best way to reboot.

    People on the self-proclaimed "hard mode" usually don't have much a choice and do so because they can't get real sex. Since this seems to apply to a shocking majority of nofappers, "hard mode" somewhat has become the new default mode, even though it should in fact be called "virgin mode".
    Don't let this fool you: Normal sex is GOOD for your reboot. It rewires the brain to the real thing. And from my own experience you are less likely to have those flatlines the "hard mode" people have.
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