Any info regarding PMO addiction and adrenal fatigue?

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    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post here, but I've been on the reddit previously.
    Had a few fantastic streaks last/this year, one was 130 days, but still struggling.

    Anyway, I've had health problems for years, primarily fatigue and allergies, but they are quite severe and life limiting. However, I never made any connection between my health and my PMO addiction, until recently. I recently noticed that when I relapse into PMO, I suffer from various, quite severe physical effects. The first effect is that (and this seems to be worse the longer it's been been since my last relapse) I get heart palpitations. The second one is feeling kinda like I have the flu, but different - restless/fatiguey/sleepless (sorry that one is hard to explain, but rather unpleasant.) And the final one is severe fatigue, like I have NO energy, no motivation, like I'm just completely and totally drained of everything. There are other symptoms too like brain fog/racing thoughts, but I'd be here for a while if I started listing everything.

    So my question is, can anyone help me understand what the heck is going on??
    I've heard of adrenal fatigue but I have no way of finding information about the connection between that and pmo addiction. Is it adrenal fatigue? Is it something else? What can I do about it? Obviously I intend being PMO free for the rest of my life but I'm realistic and I know I may relapse occasionally, but I never want to go through these physical effects again... It's seriously rough.

    My final question is - Will this last forever? I mean, this happens even if I've not PMO'd for months. I'm terrified if I get married and have sex, I'll go through all these physical symptoms. I couldn't exist like that. I'd literally have to give up sex forever.

    Thanks. :)
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  2. I think sex is a different animal, because that's how God intended the sex force to be used. By that I mean, you'll be giving your energy to a partner, and you'll received feminine energy back from your partner, which will compensate for the energy you spend. I'd hope, at least!

    It's funny you post this now, because I've been wondering the same thing myself, re. adrenaline. I've had a lot of those same symptoms, minus allergies. When I was a teenager my grandad took me to the doctor to see if I was anaemic, but maybe it was at least partly to do with fapping.

    There seems to be a link between adrenaline and a healthy lifestyle. I.e. people who are daredevil/do martial arts/are driven in general seem to love the thrill of adrenaline, and science says it makes them less aware of pain and more focussed on overcoming obstacles, which is a positively reinforcing upward spiral of motivation and achievement.

    I've never cared for adrenaline in particular, and used to absolutely hate the potential for conflict. But now, after years of baby-stepping my way to better health, I do find I'm feeling the occasional thrill of adrenaline. I tried to do a bungee jump last year ( ad failed because the d-bag instructor tried to shove me off the bridge before I was ready) as a way to start consciously changing my relationship with my own adrenaline and the situations that produce it. It's like biohacking.

    Those are my thoughts. I can say that I used to be utterly, utterly exhausted *ALL THE TIME*. I'd get out of bed at 3pm and not sleep till 3am, and everything in between was hell. I couldn't focus, had a full-on nervous breakdown at university which meant I couldn't even move my limbs on demand, and there was no-one to help me get out of it. It's taken more than 10 years, but I'm finally financially independent, even if my job is never going to impress anybody, and just recently I'm even getting myself out of bed in the morning rather than the afternoon.

    Sorry if this is an overshare, it just came out this way.

    I'm interested to see what people share re. adrenal fatigue!
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    Thanks for your reply. :)
    Any other thoughts on this? Even if I could get some links or be pointed in the right direction for finding out more
  4. Well, damn. Had a quick DuckDuckGo search, and the concensus seems to be that it's not really a condition in its own right:

    Process of elimination, right? Have you looked on medical websites/search engines for diagnoses that fit your symptom clusters? Sometimes sites will list suggested diagnoses in order of how well they fit your symptoms - it can be quite helpful to put you in the right ballpark, at least.

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