Any older AA'ers out there fighting this co-addiction?

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    Hey Folks,

    I'm a 65+ y/o male, white (which doesn't matter to me, but might to you), disabled/retired, a situation which offers *way* too many opportunities to indulge this addiction. I've been PMO-ing since I was twelve, pretty much on a daily basis, and frequently multiple times a day (getting worse with age.) I've been sober for almost two years, have managed to kick a parallel opiate addiction/compulsion as well (back injury, moderate/severe chronic pain), but this one... for me, quitting smoking was easier than quitting PMO-ing, especially since the advent of the internet, with it's ubiquitous access via smartphones. Temptation 24-7-365, anytime, anywhere; there's just no escaping it. Recently decided (again) that enough was enough, and since I'm actively engaged in overcoming addictions, decided to add this one to the battlefront, hoping to capitalize on my success in other areas. I deleted a massive collection of porn, on my PC and my phone, deleted all porn-related bookmarks and downloaded text files... and managed to last 3 days before I was frantically searching/downloading again. This has been something of a rebound-effect; tried to quit, and now find myself worse than I was before I tried to quit (experienced the same thing with smoking... determine to quit, pick a date, and double my smoking up to that date... and right past it.)

    So anyway, that's my background and current situation, and I'd really like to put this addiction behind me as well. Never thought much about the effects it might be having on me until AA changed the way I think, and now I'm serious about getting out from under. I'm hoping there might be some like-minded, similarly-aged guys in here that might be interested in either forming a group, or a one-on-one accountability partnership

    Interested or not, I wish anyone reading this the best of luck in defeating this tenacious compulsion/addiction.
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