Any others struggling with a sissy fetish?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by ForgetFapping, Jun 28, 2015.

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    ^Thanks for sharing and good luck kicking the habit
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    You're not a sissie, and it's not a lifestyle for anyone! Gay black men have the highest rate of HIV infection in the USA and receptive anal is the most likely way to contract HIV. You get addicted to something like that the way you do wanking to porn and you're pretty much guaranteed HIV.

    You've probably seen how you can get into just about anything. A person can develop an ass, foot, shit, cock, humiliation, pain, etc fetish. Assuming that your "gay" or "bi" because you did something homosexual or had some thoughts is a fallacy, and thinking that you now have to act this out because it's "who you are" is utterly moronic. Just because you think you might be into something doesn't mean you have to do it. Just because you enjoyed something doesn't mean you have to do it, or that it is what/who you are. You are a lot more than just your sexual interests, and you can be celibate if you choose to be so. You don't have to go out and get HIV because you have been given the false idea that you're a bottom for black men.

    If I thought I was or acted on every compulsion/ idea/ lust I have had I would be a shit eating, ass munching, transgender sissie,gimp, slave and much worse, and infected with every STD known to man along with having mutilated my body. No one is encouraging the guys who are turned on by violence to women to indulge in this or be "who they are", and I don't think we should be encouraging the guys with self-destructive desires in that way either.

    These things are not who you are, and much like drug addiction which for some can feel real good at first, in the end, it leads to misery and emptiness.

    Forced-bi, cuckoldry, sissies. This crap is very popular with feminists and it's popular in the femdom porn scene. While these performers are most likely just manipulating people for financial reasons. These fetishes were pushed out there with the intention to hurt and destroy men.

    Think about life in the wild. Would a sissie animal survive? Of course not, and neither will you if you continually act out on that fantasy. Even real slaves in times past or present day slaves like the people who make your shoes likely would not survive with the destructive mindset of thinking of themselves as a submissive/slave. Sissie/ submission is pure destructive malicious mind-fuckery and it is disgusting immoral foolish short sighted people who exploit those poor unfortunate souls who have fallen into this trap. These people who exploit these poor souls are oblivious or just so evil they don't care that we all are victims of malicious social programming.
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    And i thought i was the only one. i felt ashamed of it. its scary the way porn affects our mind.
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  4. IGY

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    Hmm... What an utterly moronic comment. Have you never heard of safe sex! :rolleyes:
  5. Themadfapper

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    Did you not read what the thread is about, or you did and just wanted to make an oxymoronic statement?
    Bottoming for gay black men is the very antitheses of safe sex.

    1 in 5 gay men are HIV positive in the USA and that number can go up to a staggering 1 out of 2 for gay black men.

    Sharing needles is not how most people contract HIV it is by far from receptive anal sex which is by far the most likely way to contract HIV according to the CDC. Even if a condom ensured your safety [ which it doesn't with anal sex ] anal sex is rough, and condoms can come off, and being a "sissy" you generally get treated rough, and not everyone will wear a condom because they are treating you like a sissy person [ the fetish]

    You become a "sissy" for black men [ which is what the OP and other in this thread were talking about ]and you are guaranteed HIV if you do it long enough. That is literally the most likely way to contract HIV and the most dangerous sexual practice there is the very antitheses of "safe sex"

    You can practice safe vaginal sex which according to the CDC isn't likely to give you HIV [ if your male] even if you don't wear a Condom, but getting tossed around by a bunch of black dudes is sure fire way to get HIV. And just to reiterate according to the CDC most infections are from receptive anal sex. Sharing needles doesn't even come close.
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    Still here and still struggling ... I still think the "stream that feeds the lake" here is low self-esteem, self-loathing, perhaps even self-harm.

    Every single time, the end result of this fucked up behavioral addiction is guilt, regret, self-loathing, depression, etc., the exact opposite of everything I experience when I have actual sex with my wife (love, joy, happiness, contentment). The only rational explanation that I can come up with is this -- On some subconscious level, I must want to hurt myself. I must want to experience these horrible emotions. I must want to damage my self-esteem, self-worthy, personal integrity, etc. This could be true with all pornography addictions, to one extent or another, but I think it is especially true with this particular kind of porn/fantasy, which is why so much of it involves perversion and humiliation. Rationally, I know how this work and what happens, but I still do it.

    I have tried writing down my accomplishments, rebuilding my self-esteem with facts and logic. I have tried keeping a journal. But in the downward spiral of the moment, all of this is lost ... until orgasm brings me crashing back to reality, uttering the words, "What in the fuck am I doing????" I need to figure out a way to stop and pause, catch myself early in the "process," guard against stepping on the slippery slopes. This is, of course, easier said than done.

    Rationally, I also know that I will never, ever accept this perverted behavior, and that I will always get back up and fight. Therefore, I should recognize that I am needlessly prolonging the process, repeatedly suffering all of the worst parts of the behavior, which just makes no sense. It is like smashing my head into a brick wall. Eventually, standing there beaten and bloody, staring at the wall, it has to occur to me to just stop and go do something else more productive.
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    Hi madwanker, :rolleyes: I like what you did with "moronic"/"oxymoronic". Very good, lol. :D

    Seriously though, I think you missed what the thread is about. Here is an excerpt from the opening post...
    Please note that ForgetWanking said he has "literally no interest in men". He was raising the spectre of a porn-induced fantasy that purely involves "imagining". So, I ask you, "Did YOU not read what the thread is about"?

    Even if you overlooked the OP, how about the one you were more directly responding to: CC69 ^.
    This post is about 30 years of a fantasy. But you go straight into talking about HIV as a literal risk to a fantasy fetish!
    These are the reasons for my post. Do you see what I'm saying?
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    I felt horrible every single time after giving in to my similar fetish. Mentally and physically the whole process was slowly destroying me. Giving up porn was easy compared to halting this behavior. I purged my world of porn, then my many fetish based items, and I found new thrilling activities that I could share with friends and family. I am not completely clear, but it has been 96 days since I acted out my sissy fantasy. I remind myself of the pain and depression that it caused, and no matter how tempting, I am refusing to slide back into that pathetic world. It is an arduous trip, but we can break free if determined and willing!
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    You are suggesting that this extremely warped fetish could never lead to acting out it out in real life. You got thousands of posts on your account here, you should be aware of how these addictions lose excitement and the addict looks for ever more excitement to keep going. In the case of a fetish like this often ever greater depravity.
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    Hey. I struggle w/the same exact issue. I have never once looked at another man and said wow he's hot/attractive, ever! I'm super attracted to woman. I know some people will read this & think Ijust don't wanna come out of the closet but that isn't the case at all! I love my wife we've done some cuckolding. She's FD 2 guys who r much bigger than me on 3 Seperate occasions and she cheated on me twice. I have zero self esteem or confidence. I think I am a small limp dick looser who deserves it. People who see me say I'm good looking & in shape. I just can't see it: people always thought I would cheat on my wife. (I never would I love her so much), but I have ED PROBLEMS, I never thought I was small, average and maybe on the thick side for penis size but it seems like the further I've gotten in this fetish I've shrink some. My wife enjoys locking me up sometimes in my cock cage an slapping my balls. The thing that hurt was I have her permission to foolaround and I said the only rule was honesty and she FD the 1 guy and blew the other guy (both complete strangers) in the Parkin lot a few days later. I was hurt & mad but part of me felt like I deserved it for being such a looser beta person. I've never said this to anyone in my life. Their was part if me that wanted to catch her n have her laugh in my face and compare my small cock to his big black cock (he's like 10", she took pix with it next to her face). I wanted to catch her n him physically overpower me and bend me over n F my @ss against my will while my wife sat, watched & laughed at we pathetic husband who has now turned into 100% sissy person. I can't get hard when we r having sex unless I think of her humiliating me or unless she tells me in bed how much bigger n better they were then me. That gives me a hardon but it makes me cum like ananatuer sometimes not even hard when I cum. I feel like my cock is a sissy clit, I try to cum now from only rubbing my clit or from anal stimulation as opposed to stroking my clit. I feel only real men about be able to stroke their cocks and I feel like a real man she be able to walk up to me and not only take my woman but show her what a willing n eager to please sissy I am. I'm afraid I'm never gonna b the same. And u just wanna b normal again, I don't thinks guys are attractive at all but almost every time I jerk off now I'm imaging eating cum outta of my wife's pussy while her black boyfriend with 10" cock dressed me up in a with, makeup, F me pumps, miniskirt, with my clit locked up pounding my sissy @ss, making me look my wife in the eyes while I do it to see how far I have truly fallen!!! I need help I'm afraid f my wife ever finds out the extent I would take this too she would leave and I secretly know she's ducking one of my friends behind my back. She let's others see so I'm paranoid now cause I know some people know my wife is chewing on me and I think word is getting around that not only do I accept it I love it. I often have dreams that I keep my clot (penis) but get implants take hormones and try to become he prettiest girl to service real men because I feel like that is the only thing I am good at! I've never been a good lay for woman,
    I know I'm not. But I want to please men, show them why they r superior to me & what lengths I will go to to please n pleasure them. I used to worry about not making a woman cum now I'm devastated if I don't get a big dick guy instantly hard and to cum on command! My wife hasn't looked at me the same from abou a month ago when she was pegging me and without touching myself I came, HARD, harder than I ever have before, my body was shaking n trembling after, I couldn't stop it, I felt so dominated at it felt so right! I honesltu want to be pimped out to a bunch of black guys (they can be any color but it's not a myth black guys have much bigger cocks), dressed like a alut being passed around, getti them beers and sucking their cocks while they watch the game, have my ass smacked n thank them or doing it. I wish against my will they howed all my friends n com workers what a person I really am it would crush me but I feel like I don't deserve any better. I honestly would be so proud If a bunch of black men thought I was the bet cock sucker n cock rider ver! Is their hope for me. Slowly the person I was is fading away and I am consumed by this sisy beta faggot person side of me that's sissy clit is aching to come out and be stuffed bh a real man, I'm ks scared I'm never gonna change help
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    Absolutely spot on this.

    I was chatting with someone who had also become addicted to Sissy vids especially an ultra-addictive series of videos within the genre and he said that he turned the sound off completely (they use very upbeat addictive pop music within them) and then watched them and they lost their power immediately. It's then you see just how evil they are and the people behind them must be. It's to make men weak, to turn them into wimpy submissive beta males and yes I can totally imagine the feminist agenda would be supportive of things like this. It stopped being about equal rights years ago and now seems to be about special rights and rampant misandry.
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    I'm reading alot of comments on this site, many of which I can relate to, and as I read, I am trying to find that magical solution that will work long term. Easiest thing to say? Dont do it! Yet going back to sissy fetishes is the easiest thing to turn to, when I'm tired from a long week, bored or especially lonely, and I live alone with no accountability. As I read the comments here, I'm trying to gain hope and insight that someone out there has changed their lives for the better long term. I know if something was that simple, everyone would succeed.

    I'm in my late 40's and have never been in a relationship. I've always preferred the isolation, and escaping through a lifestyle of multiple addictions, like gambling, alcohol, marijuana, food, sex, all to numb an emotional inner pain. I've done a great job the past two years of improving my mental and physical health, by losing 150lbs, and totally quitting alcohol and marijuana, and following a very healthy nutritional plan. Yet one of the hardest things to give up is sexual addiction. And I inevitably go back to sissy feminine fantasies, where I'll get off on being submissive to a female mistress or to a gay older male, yet in real life, I'm not attracted to all.

    I've had a bad couple of days, after escaping through porn about one day a week for the past few months. Its unbelievable how crappy I feel about myself when I've masterbated several times over a two day span. My self esteem is better than it once was, but I still enjoy the isolation. I know what this type of masterbating eventually does to my mind. It causes shame and guilt and self loathing. I'm trying to break from from who I've been in the past and want to develop into a new person, but so far, I havent been able to. If anyone has a long term solution that works, I'd love to hear about it. I'm really trying to focus on solutions these days.
  13. sissy maid

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    It’s an unwinnerbale fight since my first experience an ex used to put me to work locked in a pvc maid uniform that was years ago but I still daily crave to be that bound maid serving to this day
  14. ineedhelp998

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    Can you or anyone else help?
    last 5 months ive had normal sex 1 times failed to get hard 3 times, masturbated 3 times 1 month apart because of a sissy/humiliation chat .
    fantasies dont go away but get harder and weirder any ideas?
  15. fedmom

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    I've got a thread in my profile for getting rid of this fetish.

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