Any Psych Fans?

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  1. So I decides that for Christmas, I'm going to make my sister and brother in law a "Cards Against Humanity" style game, but Psych-themed.

    If anyone has seen Psych, and played Cards Against Humanity, I'd love some suggestions for card ideas! I've got a lot so far, but I could always use more. ^_^
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  2. This seems like a very particular niche but I love your enthusiam! Hit me with just one idea you currently have for funzzies.
  3. Really? I would think not so much. Psych was a really popular show, and Cards Against Humanity is really popular too. But either way, it's worth a shot to ask.

    Have you seen Psych? Because if not, they probably won't make sense. Lol

    But here are a few Black card ideas:

    1. I'm Shawn Spencer, and this is my partner _____________.
    2. Gus, don't be ______________.
    3. You hear about __________? That's messed up.

    And some white card ideas:
    1. Yelling "Gus is a table!" to get out of a sticky situation.
    2. Naming your fake Psychic Detective Agency "Psych."
    3. Shawn Spenstar and Gus T. T. Showbiz
  4. I haven't seen the show but I like the idea. Sounds fun!
  5. Evig Faith

    Evig Faith Fapstronaut

    Being the most successful [fake] psychic but your dad’s still disappointed in you.

    Psych is awesome! If I think of any more then I’ll post them.
  6. That's a great one!
  7. I absolutely love the show, have rewatched it countless times and I plan to again in a few months. But I've never played Cards Against Humanity, so I'll be useless here. :p
  8. Lol aw, too bad! It's basically like Apples to Apples, if you've ever played that.
  9. Same here :p
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  10. Psych is that one show that has that white dude, gus, and that cute blonde detective? That was my shit
  11. Heck yeah, bro!
  12. You ever fucks w Monk?
  13. Chyeah! I love Monk. My family watched that show from beginning to end a couple times over. It's so good.
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