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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by :)-keepsmiling, May 21, 2020.

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    Hey there,
    I had relpased a few days back and I am not finding any motivation to study. I am not able to concentrate and things ar not going right. I have come with my own stratergies to combat it but it will be helpful if u give me some advice. I find it dificult to read my textbooks and learn something.
    It will be great if u can share your stratergies to study while rebooting.
    Cheers ☺
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    Honestly I'm in the same situation, I should be doing supervision work for a course at uni right now... And still I'm procrastinating. I've deleted IG, FB and google chrome apps form my phone today. lets see how it goes
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    Some people on reddit who talked about procrastination say that it's only made of 2 things, excess of fear and no desire.
    To explain, this fear comes from expectations (like I'm gonna do this today and I'm gonna do this while doing that etc.). I'm not saying expectations hold you back but you gotta remove all of your expectation. The fear they create will eat up your desire and thus create procrastination. Expectations may be helpful to give a goal but right now, they are not helping you, especially if there's too much. You also gotta try and balance stress and positivity (the kind where you say I can do it!) because that eats up desire too.

    Then, after removing fear, you must build up desire for something again. This can either be self-supplied (maybe it's your dream) or supplied by reasoning (basically have a debate why to do this). This part I'm still working on but it seems to help me so hopefully it may just help you.

    If it doesn't work, try something else. All humans are different and thus different solutions can be applied to their different lives. After all, these are all experiments based upon different postulates. The cool thing is that these experiments are free and give you benefits, even if you don't see them. So, keep the drive forward.
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  5. :)-keepsmiling

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    How can we take good notes while reading the resources mate?
    How are you studying and the strategies that helped u alot!!?
    Can someone please give me some advice?
    I am in desperate need of them!!!!!
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    Hey bro,

    It's always a good idea to make notes. I think just reading school books is a waste of time.

    What's even better is the following:
    1) read one paragraph/page/chapter
    2) close the book
    3) write down from your memory as much as you can.
    4) double check with a book and write in anything that you may have missed with a different colour pen.

    I think this is one of the most efficient ways of learning as it takes the most focus and work.

    Another thing with regards to studying - use timers.

    Sit down, remove all distractions and then decide for how long will you work. Say, set a timer for 14 minutes and work for 14 minutes. If you are then tired, take a rest. Then, repeat.
    Better to have shorter study sessions and succeed than to strive for longer ones and fail.
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    First thing: Are you studying what u like??
    If this is the case, then the whole damn process is wayyy easier..

    If u are studying to get a degree or something,There’s hope bro:
    Just sit down and think about what u r going to get after studying...whatever it is u want. Then KNOW THAT ITS NOT FREE, it will take work. Without any delay, get studying and don’t get off for 2 hours..just hang in there
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    Probably not helpful but I think it's true that most textbooks seem like they are intentionally written to be boring and do a great job at it. As far as what you can do though basically it means extracting the information you need to learn out of it.

    You probably need to memorize things, look into mneumonic techniques which are of course not taught in school. You need a little concentration to study but you might as well study smart. Here, a 7 minute video:

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  9. :)-keepsmiling

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    Thanks everyone!!!
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    PC or phone
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