Any techniques to stop fapping in the middle of the night while half-asleep?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by vivacristorey2, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. vivacristorey2

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    In general, I don't have much of a problem at all stopping myself from MOing or PMOing during the day. But very frequently - sometimes most nights of the week - I'll be 90% asleep and in the middle of the night I'll MO and immediately fall back asleep. When I wake up in the morning, I won't remember this, but I'll realize what happened when I change out of my boxers and sometimes, although not always, I'll have the faintest memory of having fapped last night.

    This isn't really a question of falling asleep - I think normally I fall asleep and then I fap a couple of hours later - and I don't feel like I'm very morally culpable for it, but it does get in the way of my reboot and it means I don't get access to the benefits of a reboot.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for ways to stop this?

    Things I've tried:
    - Exercising right before bed.
    - Tying my hands to a bed post.
    - Wearing pants to bed.
    - Taking sleeping pills.
    - Sleeping in the same room as another person.

    The first three of these don't really work cause they stop me from sleeping in the first place. Sleeping pills work a little but maybe only 40%. Same with sleeping in the same room as another person - it helps because I think by default I don't want anyone else to hear me fapping, but it doesn't entirely eliminate it.

    Grateful for any help anyone could offer.
  2. Tying your hands might be too extreme. One thing that works for me, for a very similar issue, is sleeping with my arms outside of the blankets. You could try that.
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  3. Xience

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    Try sleeping a park bench. At least for a few nights. Preferably in a public park with cameras.
  4. SelfControlIsTheGoal

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    Try sleeping without a blanket or pillows.
  5. PinkcityDude

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    Keep lights on while sleeping(Full lighting bedroom)
    You can puts gloves.(Anything that could remind while sleeping You should nofap)
    Extra comfort on bed might force you to get pleasure.soft pillows and all.
    And don't think of fapping before going into deep sleep.think of natural places, wandering etc
  6. SelfControlIsTheGoal

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    Don't keep the lights on ever, try to sleep in the pitch black darkness.
  7. Duke of Gine

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    This used to happen to me. I have two pieces of advice
    1) don't feel guilty if you masturbate in your sleep. You shouldn't feel guilty if you have wet dreams either. It is not the same as consciously deciding to MO

    2) staying far away from p and psubs seems to have helped me tremendously. I haven't had an episode in a long time.

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