Any tips on going cold turkey?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by dusty4, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. dusty4

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    im trying to quit but night time is my enemy here and sometimes I see a picture and just "well I might as well" pops into head
  2. Tj720

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    You have to want it. Imagine someone holding your head under water and you are dying to come up for air. You need to want to quit as bad as you want to breathe. All the tips and tricks in the world can't replace true desire and drive.
    You need to get "I might as well" out of your head. It is a lie. You never might as well. That's like someone on a diet eating one cookie and saying, "I might as well" and then eating a whole cheesecake. It just doesn't work like that. Your mind is just playing tricks on you. Remember that those thoughts are just the addicted part of your brain looking for an excuse. Repeat a mantra in your head when you think that. If it's always at night, repeat "Just go to bed. Just go to bed." Or "I am strong. I am loved. I am important. I am worth it. I am enough" or whatever it is you need. Addictions are ALWAYS about something deeper than the obvious. I guarantee that there is something subconscious going on for you that is making you seek out PMO. As much as you might think it's just about horniness or a sex drive, I promise it isn't. Try to dig through your soul to uncover why you seek PMO. What is it about yourself or your life that you are trying to use PMO to fix or cover up? Discover what that is, then fix it for real, not using PMO, and you will do so much better in your addiction. I know that is true because I spent years saying my addiction was just horniness, but when I figured out my deeper problems it helped so much.
    I know this is a lot, but I want to give as much help as I can. Last advice, TELL SOMEONE. Talk to your friend, your mom/dad, your brother, your roommate, your girlfriend, your wife, your church leader, a professional counselor, it doesn't matter who but find someone close to you and involved in your life and tell them. It makes such a HUGE difference. The second you tell someone about your addiction it not only takes the same of the addiction away (which only causes the addiction to be worse) but also gives you someone who can root for you and support you and someone you can call or text when you need help.
    You CAN do it man. It is hard to quit cold turkey, but I've done it. You can do it to.
  3. dusty4

    dusty4 Fapstronaut

    Thank you for your response I'm not sure what I was expecting but you really hit a home run. I think the deeper meaning for me is I'm lonely and have a low self esteem, and I have told others and been told myself it's okay to feel lonely when you don't have a S/O but when I did have one, I think it can ruin a relationship. I just have to remember I'll find someone but I'm impatient in that regard im not sure how to combat that but thank you for your advice
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    Where do you see those pictures? Night time might not be your enemy so much as internet at night is your enemy.
  5. Absolut

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    Reading is a great tool to make you tired. I had a really hard time sleeping the first week. Its like your brain collects 1000 thoughts and then a tornado begins to spin.
    There are not so many things to do really, just accept the fact that you think. After acceptance you will react different towards the "1000-thought-tornado". Time and patience is the key.
  6. ThatOneGuy56

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    Here are some of my suggestions on how I went 5 to 6 months cold turkey.
    • Don't count the days
    • Avoid social media
    • Be careful with morning wood
    • Avoid sexual thoughts
    • Keep track of your progress
    • Have a busy schedule
    • Exercise
    • Eat well
    • Talk to woman that you aren't interested in just for sex
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