Any tips on how to get rid of urges?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Dsmith29, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Dsmith29

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    Just relapsed after a 23 day streak because of urges that ended up overwhelming me. I dealt with super strong urges earlier during my streak by just waiting for them to pass but it didn't work this time.

    How do you guys deal with overwhelming urges? Meditation? Cold showers?
  2. That's an issue for me too, but from my experience, my urges only bother me when they are triggered by a particular circumstance, mostly when I have loads of free time ahead of me, so try to change those triggering points/places/behaviours.
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  3. Guysavi

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    You can not always take cold showers.
    Grab what triggers you by the NECK.
    You can try few things:
    1. Make a schedule. Stick to it. Fill the hours in which you're free or are tempted to PM with something productive.
    2. Turn off Laptop whenever you have a urge (this will definitely work, promise! Just turn it off even when you have the slightest urge and know that your mind is about to trick you)
    Hope this would help!
    Keep moving forward.
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  4. Hopefulistic

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    Think of something else for 10 sec.
  5. Hermes Lupus

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    These are basic and the most important strategies. Keep yourself so busy as you don't have any time to think about PMO. Work on the projects that are crucial for you. Discipline is the power.
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  6. ThePeaceful_warrior

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    I haven't found the key to that yet. Had a few streaks over a month but it always seems like I will get one urge stuck in my head at some point and it just won't go away. Something really innocent will trigger it like a name or picture of a pool. I had the same urge plague me for about a week on my last streak.

    It becomes one of those don't think about pink elephant type problems. The harder to you try not to think about the urge the more you think about and it cycles out of control. I believe the answer is that you acknowledge the urge but make no effort to fight it just let it pass. My issue is when I'm not fighting the urge I end up fantasizing about it.
  7. FEEL

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    Well, usually in my free time I like to watch "TED talks" on Youtube
    (different speeches about Pornography, NoFap, Depression, Anxiety, Hopelessness, Leadership, Computer-Programming , hacking and etc.)
    I find it very helpful personally for me (and also intresting)
  8. ILoathePorn

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    First of all, don't be hard on yourself or beat yourself up. Congrats on 23 days! That is awesome! I recommend identifying your triggers. Then come up with a plan of action so when you are feeling triggered you can enact immediately without thinking. Learn from your mistakes and move forward. This is a very hard addiction to overcome. Be patient and if you do relapse, again, learn from it and adjust your plan of action. I would also recommend creating a list of rules that if broken would constitute a relapse. You are doing great! Keep up the great work! Stay strong!!
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