Any tips on premature ejaculation

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Ek03, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. Ek03

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    I come pretty quickly when I'm with someone. I've had this before I did nofap, but recently had sex with a girl and it seems to have intensified.

    I used to do these things where I would focus on something else, usually a castle or the incredibly unsexy sport of baseball. But I don't really want to do that anymore. As a kid, I could maintain a boner doing this, but now it's just a turn off. Also, it feels kinda pathetic. I want to be in the moment with a lady, where we both enjoy ourselves, not focusing on baseball just to please her.

    Does anyone have tips? I'm mostly interested in lasting during actual, vaginal sex. I've got a pretty big member and it's very easy to get over stimulated.
  2. sdb0130

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    Abstain from all porn and masturbation and only practice ejaculation with her, and go slow.
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  3. Saythatagain

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    I've practiced the sexual mutation this sure talks about with great success. I was able to go almost 2 hours of actual slow thrusting. In the end she was not pleased because I was not going in and out enough but I felt good to go that long.
  4. Blusunman

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    Reverse kegels are the only thing that helped me. You probably have PE from having tight pelvic floor muscles which forces the body to ejaculate quicker. When you practice relaxing these muscles and learn to keep the pelvic floor relaxed during sex, you will last much much longer and also be able to control your arousal level
  5. juniormelville

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    I've only ever had that problem when I wasn't properly warmed up. Try using start-stop until you really get into it, then you will get to the plateau phase and you can choose if and when to release. And, as above, relaxation of the whole mind and body is key.
    If your lady wants more vigorous stimulation, you can always resort to your other 'tools'. I like to bring my wife off a couple of times with my hands or mouth before I go in.
  6. JestfulPotion57115

    JestfulPotion57115 Fapstronaut

    How many reverse kegels and how often did you do them? What's the best position to do the exercises, sitting, standing?

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