any tips to deal with urges...

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by The White Fang, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. The White Fang

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    hi i am fairly new over here
    do any of you have any unique ways of killingyour urge or surpassing the stage of urges during a reboot...
    please do answer and help me out.
  2. B787-8

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    Hello friends. Today is my day 7 of nofap. So the story is in my neighbour's house some guests are came in which a lady is very attractive after that i have strong urges then i apply push up trick and do 12 push up after that my urges get lost and i feel comfortable and confident. Now i don't give a F**K to any urges and ladies. Guys push up trick is awesome it is better than masturbation. ✔ So always do this trick.
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  3. BigBadWolf_27

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    I strongly suggest you to try:
    - meditation (even a few minutes a day),
    - basic physical excersies (few pushups in the morning and before sleep),
    - try some new things, just fill that empty time hole,
    - read some books (even few pages a day),
    - cold showers (it's absolute urge killer and game changer for me),
    - if you're highly depressed and feeling low watch some YouTube motivational movies or speeches of successfull people,
    - and the most important thing: Believe in yourself and in your willpower, if you dedicate yourself at 100% there will be no force on Earth to stop you.
    Take care!
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  4. SaintShadow

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    Don't know if this will work for you; but it surely worked for me.

    Here it is,

    when i get an urge, i tell myself okay sure, let's watch porn. Then, the urge gets neutral and kinda floats itself in my brain very stable waiting for me to open up my browser, right at that moment i sit back in my chair and focus all my attention onto that thought,i give it my complete attention, i don't say a word to it like-"i won't do it" neither do i open up my browser, i don't fight with it, i simply observe that thought, speaking to me, and then i listen to it. when i do this, it gets weak and starts begging, crawling onto my knees and then before i know it, it's gone. happens with me all the time.

    Before i was a noob, i used to get scared when an urge came up, i used to fight with it, speak to it, argument all the goods and bads of acting on that thought, and the more i fought with it the stronger the urge used to get.

    Now when the urge says, hey bro, let's watch some action, i'm like "Hmmmm, Really..", well, let's not be very quick about it.

    hope that helps !!
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