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    Been here for ages. My longest streak is about 37 days. I am seeing a therapist, have read YBOP / listened to podcasts, watched videos etc, worked on myself, added new hobbies but I still slip. I have a co-dependence with alcohol (I tend to slip after drinking).

    I am learning, slowly. Example, a week or so ago I was up to about 10 days and I saw a hot girl in Yoga pants, and then thought about her a fair bit before I m'd. So I have learned to be really careful about looking at IRL girls. But I am humbly posting for any tips our guidance you may have.
  2. Catch yourself early on in being tempted and ACT to resist with intentional purpose.

    So, next time you catch yourself wanting to entertain a trigger say in your mind or out loud (when appropriate) “one, two, I know what to do!” Then ACT to divert your attention 180 degrees away from the temptation. I use this strategy now with successful outcomes.
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    My longest streak was 24 days, but here are some tips that helped me.

    1. don't count the days make the days count
    2. go day at a time, if you are at day 1 make it your goal to get to day 2 (i say to myself: lets just make it trough today) from my experience it is more likely to relapse if you set a goal of 90 days and you are at day 1 or 2 so make your goal smaller like 3 or 5 days at a time
    3. install blockers (i use forticlient and stay focused on pc and safe surfer, stay focused and appblock on phone)
    4. don't use phone late at night in bed (this is when nearly all my relapses happened).
    5. turn on restricted mode on youtube to avoid triggeres.
    6. avoid social media because that is full of triggeres
    7. DO NOT peak (when you get a rush of dopamine it is nearly impossible to stop)
    8. when you get urges don't try to fight them, just let them be and they will go away after a few minutes (you can also do push ups and take cold showers)
    9. use a counter and write a journal about your progress
    10. avoid checking on girls (at least until you have more self control)
    11. when you have enough self control go out and talk to girls (don't let porn mess up your view on women like it did to me)

    As for your drinking problem the best tip i can give you is to try and stop drinking by living a healthier lifestyle, work out, eat healthy, cut out sugar and sweats... My father and grandfather were heavy alcoholics (my father being a very abusive and aggressive alcoholic) and they only stopped because they almost died from it, so don't let it get that bad.

    Don't let this addiction ruin your life like it did mine, stay strong, don't lose hope/willpower and you can do it.

    I wish you the best of luck.
  4. I only have one tip...
    • Start small. Set small daily goals. Do them religiously.
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    Cheers guys - appreciate it
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  6. It takes time. I find meditation to be a helpful practice when it comes to not focusing too much on stimulating content. In my opinion, you don't have to give all your attention and focus when you come across something stimulating in real life. Bringing awareness, acknowledging it and then focusing on something that's healthy will take some time and practice but once you do it'll help you tremendously. Sometimes we can't all snap out of it and when that happens i like to write about it or talk with someone. If that's not an option, I do recommend taking a cold shower to reset your thoughts/emotions.
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