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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Jack York, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. Jack York

    Jack York Fapstronaut

    So as I’m new to this…

    Anyone want to share any tips? What should I expect? What will this process hold in store for me? Do most people make it to 90days? Is that a reasonable goal for someone like me? What can I do to help this going as smoothly as possible? What should I do Journal wise? When should I post?

    ANYTHING you can think of to warm/inform/aid me in this process, hopefully others will look at this too for help. :)
  2. Rebooter1221

    Rebooter1221 Fapstronaut

    You should expect depression, headache and big urges.
    On the other hand you should expect hugeeee benefits if you reboot completely
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  3. Jack York

    Jack York Fapstronaut

    urges? And thanks I’ll get some painkillers on standby haha!

    What benefits have you received?
  4. Rebooter1221

    Rebooter1221 Fapstronaut

    No. Don't take any painkillers, because you will frequently have headaches and you should care about your health
    Actually, I'm still rebooting but I can say that I noticed people respecting me more, I started noticing real girls, I started being more confident, normal talking is more easy for me and I am experiencing less anxiety. I think it will be better because I'm now rebooting from sexting and Internet use, I don't use porn for 3 months
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  5. Jack York

    Jack York Fapstronaut

    3 months. Pretty impressive
  6. Roady

    Roady Fapstronaut

    Yesterday I wrote my own story how I grew out of my addictive life.
    Click on the link in my signature.
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  7. Jack York

    Jack York Fapstronaut

    Wow you did MANY things to get out of it. Haha. Well i’d Better start. At least you feel free now :)
  8. jorg78

    jorg78 Fapstronaut

    Tips: Exercise/go to the gym during the withdrawal/flatline-stage. It's almost a must, at least for me. Eat healthy and sleep 7-8 hours if you can.

    What to expect: A lot of ups and downs, some days you feel like you own the world and some days you do not want to get up from bed.

    This process will bring you a lot of good things, if you have the patience. Everything good in life always comes with hard work and time. Benefits for me: Better confidence, more relaxed, people like me better, curing my anhedonia etc.

    It seems like most people don't make it to 90 days, during this days it's very important to keep yourself occupied almost all the time so you don't relapse.

    If you make up your mind, it's a reasonable goal for you.

    This is from my own experience, it may differ for others. Good luck :)
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  9. Roady

    Roady Fapstronaut

    I'm quiet well, but sometimes I feel the urges as well. Don't worry, everybody will feel that sometimes.

    You just start, learn, develop, exercise. Day by day, step by step. I hope my journal get you some useful insights.
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  10. Jack York

    Jack York Fapstronaut

    Thank you! hopefully i'll see some similar benefits!
  11. NMIE

    NMIE Fapstronaut

    Most of all, u have to expect brain rationalizing when urge comes... this is biggest problem for me personaly. Your brain will give you tons of [stupid] reasons why u should go and release...
    few of most common imo...
    -"Well u got through 1week..., thats awesome result, u can reward yourself now with PMO"
    -"Everybody do PMO and they are normal, theres no sense to abstain"
    -"One PMO session will not change anything, its just this one time, one time means nothing so u can do it now and start your reboot tomorrow"
    -"Doesnt matter if u try this million times, u still gonna relapse. U cant do this, its stronger than you. U cant win this fight so in the end of the day it doesnt matter at all."
    -"Cmon, your life is not that good and comfortable to even torture yourself with abstaining from PMO. Release, it feels so good and you know it. Your life is boring without it, why would you deny yourself such a good feeling? U have nothing better in your life"

    And many more shits like that... this is personaly for me biggest struggle bcos its your own brain fighting against you. And i think u can win only if u find some serious and worthy reason for abstaining... so think wisely about your life. If u just trying it bcos uve heard about "benefits" or u just want to try how it would feel etc... dont even try it, its waste of time for you. Find one serious and specific reason. Like... i dont want to hurt my wife anymore or something like that.

    And remember. Urges are always temporary! Sometimes it persists even few days, but it will stop and then u will feel changes. There will be days or even weeks when u will feel almost no urge at all... and that will be the time when ur going to meet benefits or so called supapowerz....

    And no, most people wont get through 90days. Most people donet even try abstain, then there are many people stuck in circle of trying and relapsing over and over and over again... even for years. And yes, then there are some peepz that are succesfull in their life.
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  12. Jack York

    Jack York Fapstronaut

    Right well thank you. I suppose my main reason for this is that I want to prove to myself that I can be better and have more self control over what I do. I want to try and prevent any issues that come from over doing PMO, such as PIED, deathgrip etc. as that does scare me slightly.

    thanks for your response :)

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