Anybody else feel like they suck at posting consistently on this site?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Bluespace123, Jul 26, 2020.

  1. Bluespace123

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    I've been on this site for probably over 2 years now, in which I have made a lot of progress in my addiciton from reading post and talking to others here. But I'm really not consistent at posting here, Ive had 2 different recovery journals now, and when I started both of them I told myself that I would post daily regardless of how I feel. Ill do well posting for like a week and then give up, then come back in a couple weeks and post a little bit more and pretty much give up on the daily journal.

    I just feel like I should be on this site more and engage more with others, but its hard for me to be consistent, and alot of the times when I read post that are interesting, I have nothing to say, or I don't know how to put into words what I want to say.
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  2. fg4795

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    It's all about this my friend.
    This forum can save you, if you are willing to be saved.
    Otherwise it is just a forum for porn addiction.
    It is up to you. You can see the forum as your training.
    For example, if you want to start to always wake up early in the morning.
    How can you do it if you're not even able to update your journal daily?
    It is just mindset.
    It is only about getting shit done.
    How can you really improve on your addiction if you avoid the discussion about it, just because you're ashamed.
    I mean it's natural. I was, and I still am too.
    But if you're not willing to go in the forum to talk about your problem, how can you get the help you need?.
    It is useless to be just a shadow member.
    It would be like on social media. No judgement here instead.
    Don't settle for just watching other people fighting the battle.
    Reading my story can give you motivation but can't save you.
    Because you are who you are, and I am who I am.
    Create your story. In here. Out there.
    Be a protagonist.
    Otherwise just watch other people be the protagonist.
  3. Mistersofty

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    Same boat. Also noticed that the more I abstain from pmo, the more active I am in the forums.
  4. Bluespace123

    Bluespace123 Fapstronaut

    Wow, I really like what you said, there is alot there that is true, I am kinda of a shadow member, I read other people's stories and get motivated, but I fail at telling other how I really feel, it's just hard for me to connect with others sometimes, even on anonymous forums when there is nothing to worry about.

    So ya I'm gonna get back into my journals and keep with it, I'm actually on a good little streak right now so I actually have energy to talk about stuff.

    Also it really rings true what you said here

    " Create your story. In here. Out there.
    Be a protagonist.
    Otherwise just watch other people be the protagonist."
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  5. fg4795

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    And is it kind of ironic that without posting this thread you wouldn't have read anything, isn't it? ;)
    "There's no silly questions, and no man ever became stupid asking questions"
    Hope to see you posting :)
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  6. Dub_Bass

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    It may be helpful to try and do maybe a thread or idea a day; or thought provoking questions like "is it even possible for P*** to be ethical"?
  7. I think it's okay. You shouldn't compare yourself with others. Take me for example. I do not keep a journal or anything else. If it works for you, keep doing it. That's what I say.
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  8. kropo82

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    I keep a journal here and often post long reflective posts. But I could not post daily. Often there's nothing to say. I also take deliberate long breaks from the site. Why not start another journal but think of it as a place to post when you need to post? Sometimes there may be a few days when you post every day, other times there may be month long gaps. It doesn't matter. Journalling does not need to be daily to be useful. In fact I find some daily journals here become too formulaic and to they no longer help much.

    Reading is active, you are forming models of what was said in your mind. If you need to ruminate for a while, or cannot put your own respnse into words, that is totally fine, don't beat yourself up about it.
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  9. I maintain a journal and everytime I decide to maintain it daily I skip after 2-3 days... I have again regularly updating my journal for last 3 days I hope this time I'm just regular...I can easily post or reply but when it comes to journal it look like big task to describe every thing in words... I was never into journal writing but I began because of some many people recommendation around myself... they were suggesting offline journal but somewhere due to security concern I maintain it online... still I have been not able to maintain it daily...
  10. skaterdrew

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    Yeah I would agree with this. When I am PMOing I am never on this forum. Usually when I am PMOing I am in a binge.
  11. Mistersofty

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    Exactly, plus I’m a bit ashamed to show up in here.

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