Anybody experiencing increased sugar cravings while on NoFap ?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by dev1001, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. dev1001

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    I don't consider myself to be much of a fan of sugary foods overall, but while doing NoFap I have been getting increased cravings for things like cookies, candy bars, soda and all that junk.

    It's probably because my brain is desperately seeking other routes of flooding my reward circuit with dopamine because it is unable to do it through the usual routes of PMO.

    This is now like a smaller battle within a bigger war that I am fighting. I have never experienced so much craving for sugar ever.

    Is this sugar craving normal ?
  2. Yes. I do have sugar cravings. I've heard that for example, heavy drugs addicts are told to always carry something sweet on them in case of strong urges. I'm PMO addict and of course I dont wanna replace that habbit with a different one but I abstain from things that lead me to PMO relapse those are alcohol, weed, caffeine. I would rather eat a bar of chocolate to feel good and not be led PMO relapse than to battle too many wars to handle. That depends on if you have obesity problem of course which I dont. All in all, for me its almost non harmless emergency way to feel better and not relapse in consequence. After my reboot Im gonna work on that
  3. jorg78

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    Yes, because of the lack of dopamine.

    I have gained 13 lbs during my NoFap-period, mainly because I have been in a flatline.
  4. HegHeu

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    Same for me. I think sticking with moderate sugary items is better than pmo.
  5. Mattew

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    Yes, i'm experiencing that a lot.

    It's an easy way for your brain to get some dopamine.

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