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Anybody heard of karezza?

Discussion in 'Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation' started by SuperiorMan95, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. I read "Taoist Secrets of Love Cultivating Male Sexual Energy" and it is incredible. Teachs you how to transform your sexual energy in creative energy to use whatever you want by moving it through your body. Tell you about the importance to retain your sperm seed and how great and deep can be sex with your partner without ejaculatory orgasm.
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  2. After 100+ days, it is clear to me that orgasms are not necessary.

    And if I worry that I am missing out on something, I just need to remember that I have had way too many orgasms in my life already!

    Do I feel super-powers? No. But fantasy and obsession are losing their grip on me. I've been their slave since I first discovered masturbation.

    I need to read this book. (Ordered. It'll be here tomorrow.)
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  3. I hope my future wife agrees with her ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  4. It_is_time

    It_is_time Fapstronaut

    That pent up energy can be put to good use with practicing Sexual Transmutation.
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  5. SuperiorMan95

    SuperiorMan95 Fapstronaut

    Wow, that's further confirmation right there! I have a feeling that orgasms (especially for Ex-PMO addicts) trigger the same habitual patterns that they are trying to destroy through nofap. In other words, ex-pmo addicts should abstain from orgasm (even with women) until their reboots are complete. I think this may be the fastest way to recovery.
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  6. Sunny321

    Sunny321 Fapstronaut

    I fully agree with the previous speaker. Even nothing to add
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  7. IGY

    IGY Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    Yeah, it's like: do the deed but don't let loose the juice! :rolleyes:
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  8. PolarOtter

    PolarOtter Fapstronaut

    I have recently gotten involved in nofap and while reading various articles online, found one discussing karezza. I asked the question somewhere, but I wondered what the difference was between it and edging, but in hindsight, I believe the difference is that you are with your SO and that is a big distinction. I have around 22 days of no PMO and am doing this for myself but also for my partner. We are currently living apart and only see each other every 1.5 months or so and he will be home this weekend. I was struggling with what to do because I was very much looking forward to having sex with him, but am now feeling calm and know the answer... I plan to incorporate karezza, so we can be close, cuddle, share intimacy and I can please him, while continuing down my path to meet my 90 day no PMO, reboot goal. I believe it will be much more meaningful if the O remains in PMO and I keep semen retention as a vital part of this process. Feelings well up inside of me (my mind, as well as a flush over my entire body) that bring me great pleasure... knowing that I am denying myself this 'act' to rewire my brain to be a better man for myself, as well as for him, and to also create a closer and more intimate relationship for us in the future.
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  9. RAWMagic

    RAWMagic Fapstronaut

    What kinds of fears/goals do we have that we're putting off because of the lethargy of orgasm?

    I find David's teaching on this is a true one for myself.

    Excessive orgasms led to lethargy. A good life, perhaps, but one lacking the vibrancy and charge of a great life.

    In the past, PMO habits have kept me from facing fears such as making important calls, publishing poems/recording poems and podcasts as well as not sitting down to do the work I know needs doing to give my gift.

    The extra energy and charge is not there to cut through such fear and lack of discipline.

    For me, Karezza, or sex with bypassing orgasm, is a powerful practice. One that adds greater energy to the flow. Instead of depleting it. It's a challenge to work with, and takes discipline. No doubt. But many things worth anything in life take discipline and effort and are difficult to realise.

    I do not see the need for women to abstain form orgasm. Especially cervical/G-Spot and full body orgasms, because they give both the heart, body and spirit enormous charges of energy. Many women's vaginas and cervix are connected to their hearts. This is why my partner is sometimes wet even if I have just been crying out at the challenges and setbacks with my mission. It is the strength of consciousness demonstrated through the body which makes her responsive. Not merely muscular strength or "power", but divine power - consciousness itself.

    Opening to intimacy and sex in this way is a powerful path to deep commitment, spiritual union, and passionate bliss. It takes practice as a man to bypass ejaculation to the much more potent, energising and challenging Full Body orgasm, and for women, it often takes practice both alone and together with her man, to develop the trust, relaxation and esctacy of body/spirit such that she can have deep whole body orgasms. But it's worth it. At least, it has been for me and my wife. It's led to huge breakthroughs in our creativity, giving and a powerful openness between us which has overcome many hurdles and fears. Including my attraction for other women, porn addiction and her own blocked ability to have orgasms for the first several months of our relationship.

    I wish you good fortune in the days to come.

    Strength and courage,

    Magic Out.
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  10. SuperiorMan95

    SuperiorMan95 Fapstronaut

    It's more than that. Karezza is more like slow sex without getting too dirty and trying to amp eachother up. It's sex for the purpose of bonding and releasing oxytocin instead of getting all hyped up and on the edge.
  11. SuperiorMan95

    SuperiorMan95 Fapstronaut

    Well Marnia Robinson talks about how women should abstain from orgasm not because of their heart-genital connection but rather because of the chemical cocktail that it releases in the brain (dopamine, seratonin, etc). This release of chemicals dulls the pleasure receptors for a while because they need to rejuvenate which causes mood swings, etc.

    That sounds awesome! It sounds like you are using sex in such a way that it increases the consciousness of your relationship. How often do you actually do this? Is it the bulk of your sex life?
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  12. IGY

    IGY Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    If you think sex is too dirty if you have an orgasm or cum, o_O I am sorry for you. :(
  13. SuperiorMan95

    SuperiorMan95 Fapstronaut

    I meant it's less lust based.
  14. PolarOtter

    PolarOtter Fapstronaut

    Are you familiar with Tantric sex? I've read about it and it seems to be similar to Karezza, in that you are intimate with your SO physically, but refrain from having a physical orgasm... instead, you "pull" that sexual energy up from the lower body to the head and breathe.
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  15. SuperiorMan95

    SuperiorMan95 Fapstronaut

    Its kind of like tantra but it's less intense and it's more based on deep relaxation.
  16. True but there is two types of sexual transmutation. This is one way, sex without O, but i’m going the other way, which is channeling all my sexual energy into becoming my best, into gym and tennis especially.

    However, it’s not like i have a choice. there is no girl who i could try to practice this with anyway and plus it goes against my values of no sex before marriage.

    How can someone have a girlfriend and not have sex before marriage whilst they are doing nofap? Seems very difficult
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  17. @SuperiorMan95 I have a question. Aren’t you just gonna be extremely horny all the time?
    For instance if i edge, lustful thoughts and relapse cloud my mind all day. If you have sex but don’t O, you don’t get that final release, so won’t you feel pent up and blue balls?

    Maybe having sex without O relieves or dissipates some of that hormones idk enlighten me
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  18. SuperiorMan95

    SuperiorMan95 Fapstronaut

    Yeah, if you do retention (don't O) for a month but you still have sex, you will be a little bit more aggressive than usual most likely. However, this is a lot better than being depleted, anxious and having mood swings after orgasming (which according to Marnia Robinson could last upto 2 weeks!).
  19. SuperiorMan95

    SuperiorMan95 Fapstronaut

    Yeah, it's going to be difficult, but if your values are no sex before marriage then they should be no mental fantasies, porn, or masturbation (except maybe once a month to circulate fluids). If you want to live up to that standard (which is neither good or bad but certainly difficult) then don't complain and pay the price for your beliefs. Many men have done so. :)
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  20. BruceD

    BruceD Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    I trained my body for a brief period to have sex without O with my ex. She wanted me even more. I got used to it and loved holding on to the energy and still got satisfied. That was a few years back.
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