Anybody heard of karezza?

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    True sexual intimacy between a man and a women is indeed a union of body, soul and spirit. My own view of this (and I am NOT judging anyone else!) comes from a Christian perspective, as compared to the Eastern spirituality that underlies tantric sex, etc. I will say that my wife and I and adopted some of the basic concepts of karezza and we are having the best time we have had in decades (without any O on my part). When the goal is not O, the experience can be wonderful. One study says that sex after penetration lasts an average of 5.4 minutes. Karezza techniques can stretch that into hours!

    I was skeptical of retention. If I can get to 90 days PMO free, on day 91 I may just try sex-with-O again. I have a sneaky suspicion that might be the last time. It sounds crazy, but so far on this reboot I now have more sexual energy than I have had in a very long time. And retention feels great. And sex-without-O feels great.

    One technical caution: extended lovemaking this way can greatly increase the possibility of a urinary tract infection in the guy. Always pee after sex (I think everybody knows that anyway) and consider a condom with a good fit. You can finally get them in all kinds of sizes!
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    I disagree. We should avoid orgasm more than men because or climaxes are more intense, longer and more likely to be multiples. So the peaks and troughs of energy and hormone release are worse for us than for guys.
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    I flew in to visit my partner this past weekend and had every intention of having sex as well as introducing karezza. I told him I have sworn off of pmo, introduced daily cold showers into my morning routine and wanted to practice semen retention for 90 days. He did not like the idea of me not orgasming, primarily because we had not previously discussed it. During my no-pmo time, I had been attempting to develop my pelvic floor muscle by doing kegels while urinating (with the urine flow suspended, I would breathe out and imagine energy going up my spine, into my brain and cycling back to my groin), then start to pee again and possibly do once more during that trip to the restroom. I hoped this would give me the ability to succeed at karezza. During sex Friday evening, I tried the breathing technique but think I might have tried it to early in the process, then, since it was my first time, believe my second attempt was too late and I failed... ugh! I wanted naked cuddling on Sunday and we spooned for a good 30+ minutes, we kissed, talked and ended up having sex, and me with another failed attempt at karezza. Despite me not orgasming for over 40 days, I still lasted a long time... they were both wonderful experiences and I was completely present for both. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed that I wasn't successful at continuing my semen retention, but we had a great weekend both in and out of the bedroom and I helped to reduce his stress, so I am very happy. I do want to ask if anyone can give me pointers though on how to succeed at this technique. Do I simply need to read "Cupid's Poisoned Arrow" and practice? Also, I updated my time by removing the 'o' from pmo, but am going to try to add the new o time-frame into a signature somehow.
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