Anybody see "Hot Girls Wanted" documentary?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by turquoise, Aug 21, 2017.

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    I only ask because, for me, watching that doc was a big turning point. I decided right after watching it that I was done with porn. Possible triggers ahead.

    I've been having a few tough days this past week, mostly because my work schedule is amping up and I tend to use PMO as a stress-reliever, but each time I've come close to viewing porn, I've thought about that documentary and how shitty it revealed porn to be for the performers. During my weaker moments, remembering that pornography is actually an illusion--that the camera isn't capturing the truth, but is instead displaying a lie--is what keeps me from watching. I remind myself that the women involved are real people with real lives, pretending to enjoy themselves for the sake of the camera (and money), and that they're probably causing themselves and their families harm just by choosing to participate in porn. That's such a huge turn-off, to the point that I lose the urge to watch.

    When you see them as people instead of objects, it all becomes very sad.

    I don't really see many people on these boards approaching the addiction in this way. Mostly, it seems like everything is geared toward a "self-improvement" approach, which makes sense for the most part, but there's also something to be said for having empathy for the people involved.

    So I'm just curious if anyone out there has had a similar experience or thoughts to share on the documentary (I only saw the movie, not the Netflix series--and I should add that there may be triggering content in the documentary).
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    I sew the series and it reflect the true about the life of those porn actresses and give you the understanding whats really going on. It gave me power and a new card against porn and triggers
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  3. I have not seen either the documentary or the series, mostly because I know they would probably trigger me into a reset. However, may it provide you with a little comfort that this is something I've written about a few times in my journal and have seen others write about as well - the treatment, abuse, and possible rape of women in porn. After pondering it and writing about it, I wish I could say it was something that prevented me from resetting, but when I decide to fall there seems to be no argument that will stop my urges. It is, however, one of many tools we can use to keep us away from porn. The dark reality of porn which includes the coercion, the abysmal working conditions, the seedy agents and producers who only care about money and not about the humanity of the performers, the rampant drug and alcohol addiction just so performers can get through their scenes, the ridiculously high risk of STDs, health problems, and psychological issues - on and on. I once saw a youtube video, I believe it was from fight the new drug, of a male performer who talked about the emotional turmoil that drove him from the industry. That was eye-opening because I never considered how men were affected, just women. The more the curtain is lifted on porn and the lies it spreads, the more prepared we'll be in recovering from it.
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    Tedx Talks... The Porn Paradox
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    Horrible truth that is revealed in that documentary. It has nothing to do with pleasure. It's about money...
  6. You know all the Ted talk!
  7. I seriously doubt you would get banned from the forums for this. The only time I've seen people banned were when they directly attacked fellow participants and/or regularly engaged in ad hominem attacks. So, unless you happen to know of a fellow user who is trolling the forums by actually being a major producer for the industry and you go on the attack...well - even then I'm not sure you would be banned!
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  8. I'm glad you posted this b/c you're right. Porn ovjwtfrifies people to the point that we don't even think about the performers being soeone's daughter/sister, son/brother. We never give much thought to what happens before/after the film stops rolling. I remember reading an interview with dr. Drew of MTV Loveline fame (he is a legit therapist). He was asked the question about how he felt about the adult entertainment industry. His response: "Every patient I've ever treated who worked in the sex industry had some form of sexual trauma." That says a lot.
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    Ive seen it the documentary. I want to say its probably what caused me to start asking questions if I was addicted to porn. What really made me realize the evil of porn was in one scene...please don't read further if you think it'll cause a trigger.

    In one scene the white girl from Texas gets a cyst in her female specific area because of too much sex. Well the cyst becomes infected and she has to go to the hospital. That's always stuck in my head and how it makes me feel disgusted at myself when I watch porn.

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