Anybody's here wants to get out of America?

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  1. Taylor25

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    Bogus officiating was what really killed the NFL and they still do. Period.
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  2. SickSicko

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    Word of advice: Stay away from Spain as far as you possibly can. Low wages is the minor of the problems.

    I agree with the festival part, shameful, the pet part, where did you stay at? That sounds like some rough bad place to me, I've never seen anything like that, in fact quite the opposite. Out of honest curiosity, I believe your statement, just seems pretty unusual to me.

    I disagree, unemployment rates are super high, public debt is just nightmare material, unskilled jobs wages are just enough to get by, skilled jobs wages are the only decent thing out there, and the only remaining option is becoming a public servant, and you have to be Spanish for that, with not great wages at an entry level. Spain is going to be in a very, very bad situation within the next 5-10 years.

    Unless you like socialism and communism, if you do then go to Spain, you will love it.
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  3. I was in a not so good area of Valladolid.

    Glad to hear it’s not like that with pets all over Spain. Thanks for the additional info!
  4. Envoy-ofthe-End

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    I'm in madrid and this lockdown bullshit is driving me crazy. Let's not get into the masks... there are countless people out of jobs and the worst part are the prices stay the same.
  5. If you want to know the truth, we notice as well that Sport in america is a money-farm thing. but now is the same here (just watch our football/soccer, is a ridicolous thing) in 80s our hockey was "Fight for your team and your city" today also here they fight just for the money. Our team was a small reality that in the year 85 from the second league reach the first league and win the championship 4 times, i'm not exagerating when i say that HC Lugano is the team that make the swiss tournament from a C series to one of the most ambitious place for players, we are not different than Swedish and Finnish torunament. Anyway i like american-canadian hockey because their fans are not so toxic like here (we call them ultras) one of my time 2 years ago give me a punch because he was drunk and was saying things to my mom, amd he was of my team! People here are educated to hate other teams, and for hate i mean like Fascist Against communist, ecc...starting for kids.

    We had an arena with 10.000 chairs, now we have 7.500 because they created shitty V.I.P sections.
    Amyway did you know Maxim Lapierre or Metropolit players?

    Edit: I'd like to go in Vancouver to be close to my parents in USA that are in Oregon, columbia River, is so bad you think? I should move to a country village, hoping they don't execute me because i'm not Canadian lol.
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  6. Your spanish governament is horrible, importunate the death body of Francisco Franco seem the first problem of Spain

    It looks a reflection-ghost of the italian governament.
  7. I'm from Australia but living in South Korea. I like it much more than Australia.
    Teaching English jobs are plentiful, healthcare system is cheap and you can get a free full health check once every 2 years. Dental work is good quality and cheap. I've save thousands on my teeth here. Rentals are relatively cheap compared with Australia, but buying groceries is more expensive than eating out everyday.
    I'm not in any rush to go back to Australia in fact I want to stay in Korea. I have even thought about naturalization but that comes with 2 years compulsory military service.
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  8. chris555

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    Yeah most hockey players from where I come from are all from the GTHL(Greater Toronto Area Hockey League). To make the NHL now you need to plat Triple A Which usually costs people 30 grand a year at the bear minimum.

    That's not even considering that most of these players have personal trainers which runs costs up more and makes it even harder for poorer kids to make the NHL.

    The talent level for hockey has been going down because of this I have played hockey with Triple A kids before and let me tell you they are a joke for the most part.I remember one time playing at a local outdoor arena and someone from the local Triple A team came to play, he challenged me to a game of post(where you have to hit the post to score a point) and I demolished him. Then more people joined and we started playing a pickup game. The guy would be ok for a house league team but for a Triple a team I considered it a joke that he was on it.

    Anyways after we where done playing I remember thinking how the hell could this guy possibly be playing Triple A hockey. Sure enough his dad came to pick him up at the exact same time of me thinking that and sure enough his dad came in an escalade. Let's just say I realized after that how he got on the team.

    Unless you're from native or clear minority group in Canada, if you are not from a rich family you can kiss your NHL dreams good bye.

    I guess that depends where you go too be honest I was a big Toronto Maple Leafs fan growing up and let's just say you didn't want to go there in a Montreal or Ottawa jersey lol. Although I do agree I think fighting over such nonsense is extremely stupid, just enjoy the dam game haha.

    Yeah that is ridicules drunks really know how to ruin any sporting event.

    Lame. They did the same thing here with my local junior team they built a brand new arena(with tax dollars of course.)and the built it with less seats then the old one.

    Yeah I know of them. They both actually laced up the blades for the Montreal Canadians during their careers.

    I hate to break it to you bud but Vancouver has some of the highest real estate prices in the world. Unless if you have millions in the bank I wouldn't reccomend moving their. A lot of foreigners from China and USA have bought up all the real estate their and are using it for laundering. The real estate market is so high their that plenty of couples working 100k a year jobs struggle to even make it their.

    On top of that Vancouver is not really a Canadian town its mostly filled with Chinese and other minority groups(pretty much like every Canadian city actually.) Trust me if you must move to Canada avoid Vancouver and Toronto like the plague.

    Not even close most of Canada is immigrants now from the third world. Canada is the most Anti White country in the world if you are White(with the exception of being Jewish) you are best to stay far away from Canada.

    Honestly I don't even think hell would be as bad as this shitheep communist utopia.

    Unfortunately it seems like whites have more rights in Asian countries then our own. That will change one day though, mark my words these traitors and infiltrators will pay.
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  9. Don't worry i live in switzerland i actually know what is an High Price lol, vancouver don't scary me. Actually have a degree on my work (just a piece of paper, but in these days really important). I know that Canada is an Afro-Asian country, but when i read they was planning to repopulate old country villages i was sure they mean qualified people-, not people that came from Thirt World (and that would not be a problem if they was educated on philosophy and not at criminality/rape culture). They are doing the same thing in Europe if you want the truth, with hordes of migrants that came from nowhere, all subsaharian black muscled boys with iphone and new haircut, no women or kids, they don't escape from the war like the media says, Good african stay in Africa and work for their family, mostly of these people just leave africa because they don't want to work, leave family, kids and wifes, and think they will live as kings here (and is real) this a new slave market.
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  10. luke775

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    I live in Australia and can agree, stay away from here. We get a high minimum wage and free healthcare but our Government is moving in a bad direction. The police are also somewhat similar to America, not as bad in my opinion. It's also a VERY racist place and toxic masculinity is pretty much our culture. I'm British and got bullied over here for my accent and birthplace, many of my American friends over here say the same and often try to hide their accents. You wouldn't think it would be that bad, but the racism here is far worse than America in my experience. Especially if you are African American, Australia is a very white and very racist Country.

    I've been looking into Canada, seems like the best option at the moment.
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  11. Mo1989

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    I would recommend maybe moving to another state/city inside usa. Its a huge country with tons of opportunites. You may find or may not find the feeling of home over there but the chances of finding a new home in a totally different country are statisticaly speaking very very low. wise guys says build a life you don't need to get away from. But don't you think the place deep rooted to your child-hood memories, family, friends and other first emotional experiences in life can be replaced ? In my opinion no it can't be. so do think before you think to take this step.
  12. ksafimova

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    I would like to move from America just to see the rest of the world
  13. onceaking

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    Well, I'm glad I don't live in America. Sure there are some good things about it, but then there's the healthcare system and mass shootings. Don't try to convince such things aren't bad, the American healthcare system is one of worse in the world and if you're not killed in a mass shooting the psychological damage it does to survivors is unrepairable. Really you're better off being shot dead in a mass shooting than survive it.
  14. Ekhangel

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    Come over to Poznan, Poland (my birthplace and current residence), It's a pretty nice and developed region with a fast route to Berlin in case you change your mind within the first week. We also have quite many foreigners here who seem to be enjoying the place.

    No, but seriously - just stay where you are and campaign against Trump if you dislike him so much. I kinda wish I lived in the USA and I wouldn't mind Trump at all (I don't care about politics anyway, as long as it doesn't interfere in my budget too much). As for COVID - stay home if you're shitting your pants over it, nobody's actually forcing you to go out. I personally would prefer dying in a free country than living in a socialist prison. The recent pandemic smells real bad of social engineering and a global conspiracy.
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  15. magic05

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    Eastern and southern European countries are rather poor. High inequality and corruption. Unless a Western company sends you there, you cannot really survive financially on your own, especially without family connections.

    Central and Western Europe is economically great, but have some serious problems with male, religious immigration from Muslim countries from the Middle East, more than any other Western countries in the world. Great healthcare, jobs and travel opportunities, though.

    I don't know much about Australia and New Zealand, but reading and hearing about it, it seems like one of the best places in the world to live in. High wages, good healthcare, great nature and they choose all of their immigrants carefully. The only negative thing about Australia I heard so far, is that they are overdoing it with surveillance. Don't know if that's really true.

    But if I'd be an American, it would be a no-brainer to move to Canada asap. Canada basically seems like the better USA with healthcare, fair wages and and equal society.
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  16. Ekhangel

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    Average Canadian salary is $28/hour vs $34 in the USA. As for the "equal society": one can always move to California. Complete equality guaranteed within the next 20 years, with economic and moral downfall alongside.
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  17. Minsc

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    I've never moved far from home so here's what stands out to me for if I ever decided to move. The people who say to check out different areas of the USA sound reasonable. Moving within my own country will be a lot easier. At the very least it'll be a good experience to help prepare oneself to move to another country. Trust that no matter where I go there will stil be problems.

    Other things to note. Consider dealing with my issues, such as pornography, first and then move when I'm in a better state of mind. Do not trust the romance glasses. The world is what it is, not what we believe it should be. There may be a time for me to move. Am I seriously prepared right now to do so?

    As a Canadian I can say Canadians can be "nice".

    It honestly does sound like a poor investment. If a kid loves hockey then I suppose it's fine to put them through it. Sounds like a good idea to strongly encourage them to study a fallback and to know when to quit. Loving the game should be more important than being the star. (advice I should better lean to heed)
  18. LEPAGE

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    This guy here knows the truth.

    Canada isn't any better than the USA, and you have to give up a couple of things when you come here, like your AR15. It is also cold. Toronto is quickly becoming Canadian Chicago. Only 274 shootings this year to date! Anyone who has actually paid into and used any of the provincial health care systems knows how much of a joke they can be.

    Stay warm, and keep your guns.
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  19. Anakin1

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    Come to Iran and after a week you will think to suicide.
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  20. James Duncan Halpert

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    I don't like what's going on with both the left and the right, but isn't that up to us to fix? I love America too much to leave and honestly if we want something changed, vote! Voice your opinion publicly, anything, other than just giving up.

    Running away from your country won't solve anything though, and it's just honestly dishonourable.

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